Eastenders: Katie Jarvis Weight Loss Update 2022 

Our very own Hayley Slater from EastEnders’ weight loss was visible when she appeared in the court for her long due harassment case. The 30-year-old actress had a babyface when she was actively working on Television.

However, things did not turn out as they had to for her. She’s seen the highest of the highs to the lowest of lows in her life. In 2018 she got into one of the most popular BBC soap Eastenders. Just after a year, the actress revealed that she was going to quit acting. 

The same year, Katie got into legal trouble when she was accused of racially assaulting Michelle Antonio and normally assaulting Toby Groom. Apart from the names, there were other victims as well. 

That year she started working as a security officer at B&M. Several tabloids and newspapers jobs shamed her left right and center. Observing, the things she went through over the years, it was obvious that the actress would have some kind of bodily changes. 

As the human body is dynamic, Katie Jarvis did lose weight following the ups and downs in her life. 

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Katie Jarvis Racist Remarks Controversy

Katie Jarvis was accused of passing racist comments at Southend-on-Sea on 31 July 2020. Even though the case was still going on, the actress was out on bail. Further, in 2021, Katie pled not guilty to the accusations. 

On April 19, 2022, she was called for the first-day trial where she was convicted of passing racial comments. Besides this, she was also alleged of beating up two people who she has been constantly denying.

Judge Samantha Leigh postponed the sentencing hearing until the am of the next day. She stated that the event had been caught on CCTV and that it had been “unpleasant,” but she did not offer Jarvis any indication of the punishment she would impose.

The former BBC actress was released on bail without conditions.