Johnny Joey Jones Personal Life Remains Beautiful With Wife Meg & Kids

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The host of Fox News Weekend, Johnny Joey Jones, has become an inspiration for his service in the Marine Corps and his work as a TV personality. This has made everyone curious about the presenter’s personal life.

Joey joined Fox News Media in 2019 and has worked on most of the stations’ platforms, giving military analysis and some sports coverage.

The veteran served in the Marine Corps for eight years and went on multiple combat deployments. In 2010, both of his legs were hurt in a serious accident.

The life of Johnny Joey Jones

The host of Fox News comes from a white Caucasian Christian family with a good reputation. The 34-year-old TV host was born on July 21, 1986, in Atlanta. He was in the Marines and is an inspiration to everyone.

He is married to Elise Meg Jones, who he married on December 20, 2012. Meg, his partner, works for Boot Campaign, a national non-profit campaign for the navy based in Texas.

The veteran marine and his beautiful wife have three daughters. Meg, the youngest, was born on August 9, 2019. Two of their daughters are about 7 and 10 years old, and they look just like their beautiful mother.

Jones has three beautiful daughters and a son from a previous marriage. The son lives with Jones and his current wife and daughters. The Fox News host had not told the media about his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his first child.

Where is the weekend host of Fox News from? His People

Johnny Joey Jones from Fox News Weekend was born in America and raised by a loving family in Atlanta. The host lives with his wife and four children in Newnan, Georgia.

Joey is close to his parents and grandparents because he posts pictures of them on his social media. From his Instagram posts, it seems like the newscaster grew up in a big family where his parents and grandparents loved and cared for him.

When Jones was growing up, his father was known to be a brick mason, and Jones loved helping his dad with his work. As a child, he loved playing sports like baseball and soccer, and his parents never had any problems with him.

The TV host didn’t get his diploma because he was in the Navy with Chris and Keith, two of his best friends. He was a bomb technician in Afghanistan, and during a mission that went wrong, he lost both legs.

Johnny lost both of his legs, but he didn’t give up. He is now an inspiration to people all over the world and a successful TV host, despite his problems.

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