Joel Embiid Wedding Dance & Photos After The Basketball Player Enjoys Himself At A Jewish Wedding

Joel Embiid got caught dancing at the wedding, and people have shared the photo and video of the player. He has got spotted in traditional Jewish Hora dance. His dance move makes people notice the basketball champion in the crowd.

Embiid has participated in the circle dance and somehow gets on the chair with a beautiful lady. He had a great time at the wedding ceremony and enjoyed the moment. He appreciated the part dancing at the function. 

Perhaps, Embiid may have taken time off from his game after he got a facial fracture in his end season. He has worked hard for his game and is determined to play for the Sixers. So, the player also needs a relaxing time to get over the situation. 

Looking at his videos on social sites, Embiid has used the moment to celebrate the marriage ceremony with fun. He seemed to love the Jewish dance, and the player was the most energetic in the crowd. 

Hayle Harrison has posted the story on her Instagram about the tradition, and his fans have screen record the video. His followers have retweeted, ‘ I mean this 100% seriously, and I have no explanation for it, but if Joel Embiid converted to Judaism, he would win the championship.’ 

Is Joel Embiid Getting Married To Girlfriend Anne de Paula Soon?

Embiid has not mentioned marrying his long-term girlfriend, Anne de Paula. The couple had their first kid in September 2020. The pair started their relationship right after Paula got breakup with Danny O’Donoghue. 

Paula and Embiid first met through their familiar friend at a New York City dinner in 2018. Joel’s girlfriend was unknown about his profession in their first appearance. They had begun as a friend and later started a relationship. 

According to Paula, both couples have a mutual interest in sports and love to speak french. Although the pair want to start their own family, they have not married yet.

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Joel Embiid Wife: Is He Married Previously?

Joel has got into a relationship but has not gotten married, so he currently has no wife. He is in a relationship with Anne de Paula. She has shared the journey of their love life, including their first date. After meeting at dinner, they used to have facetime daily.

Joel Embiid with his girlfriend, Anne de Paula
Joel Embiid with his girlfriend, Anne de Paula
( Source : Instagram )

At first, Embiid and Paula kept their bond guarded. Nonetheless, the player has revealed his bonding on his Instagram in the Great Wall of China. Also, the pair got spotted at a public event together. 

On July 12, 2019, Paula shared a night view in the Maldives, the Indian Ocean. She has captioned, ‘Nights in heaven.’ On the player’s birthday, she conveyed the video where they are behaving like children. After analyzing their profile, both couples seemed to have a great connection. 

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