Jennifer Schuett Attack: Assault Story Details You Missed

Jennifer Schuett Attack: Assault Story Details You Missed

In August 1990, Jennifer Schuett, who lived with her mother, Elaine, was attacked and assaulted, leaving her to die on the field. Luckily, she survived the incident and was able to help to catch the culprit.

The incident occurred when she was eight-years-of age and sleeping in her bedroom after her mother told her to sleep in her own bed. Little did Jennifer know that a man would break into her room and kidnap her.

9 August was the day that has remained unforgettable for her. A man who entered the room took her with him, making her believe he was undercover.

After Schuett started being suspicious of the situation, the attacker put a knife on her throat, asking if she was scared. Then after, he choked the little girl and sexually assaulted her.

The man then dragged her onto the field, slit her throat when she became unconscious, and left her to die. However, the children found her and got airlifted to the hospital.

She survived; what’s more, the little girl at that time helped the investigating team by writing down everything she recalled from the incident night.

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