Jason Knickerbocker Motorcycle Accident: 44-year-old Jason of Haslett Died

Jason Knickerbocker Motorcycle Accident

A bike driver in Meridian Township kicked the bucket in an accident last Friday which stays being scrutinized research. 44-year-old Jason Alan Knickerbocker, of Haslett, has been distinguished as the bike driver who kicked the bucket in the accident.

Jason Knickerbocker Obituary

On July 22, at 5:22 p.m., Meridian Township Police were dispatched to Haslett Road and Marsh Road in Meridian Township for a two-vehicle crash.

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Police at the scene incorporated the Meridian Township Police Department, the Ingham Regional Crash Investigation Team, Michigan State University Police and the Lansing Police Department. Meridian Township Police are proceeding with the examination.

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