Jasmine White403 Eating Chicken On TikTok Video Viral On Twitter 

Jasmine White403 has been uploading herself eating raw meat and raw chicken has been deleted from Tiktok. The video has been viral on Twitter after viewers shared it in high frequency.

Many news articles have covered her video of eating raw chicken, and it has gone viral. She started a new account after the previous one was deleted, @jasminewhite403.

The video was posted on June 13, 2022, where viewers can get the “pleasure” of watching her eat raw fish. However, she first got popular first by eating raw chicken on the video-sharing platform.

Additionally, “Jasmine White 403” has received over 1.1 million views. There is an increase in people who record their reactions after watching strange movies.

Jasmine White403, Who Is She?

Jasmine White403, is a Tiktok account that contains weird videos of the creator eating raw meat products. 

The videos show the girl eating raw meat from different animals like beef, chicken, and fish. TikTok has provided various creators with their unique content on display. From sarcasm to informative videos, TikTok is the hub for entertainment and knowledge.

Jasmine White403 is getting popular On TikTok By Eating Raw Meat
Jasmine White403 is getting popular On TikTok By Eating Raw Meat ( Source :
Youtube )

Such a popular platform has also some weird accounts with their content, with the likes of Jasmine White403. Jasmine appears to be a Southeast Asian girl with the chutzpah to do anything for cheap attention because she has colored her hair completely crimson.

Her videos have been watched over a million times, and she is determined to produce more content in her upcoming digital career. She is one of the growing content creators and has 53.1K followers in her new account with just one video.

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 Jasmine White403 Instagram: What Is Her Real Name?

Jasmine White403 is not present on Instagram and likes to keep herself away from the social media platform.

However, she is most notably known for her videos on the TikTok platform. The content creator has yet to publicly announce her real name on the media.


Today I was feeling a little fishy😂

♬ original sound – JasmineWhite403

She seems to be around her mid-20s enjoying posting her weird content. On the other hand, she is getting huge numbers of engagement through her videos. 

Furthermore, her private life has been nothing but a secret in the digital world.