James Dellavecchia Obituary & Death Cause- Who Was He?

In 2020, the news of James Dellavecchia’s death and his obituary were all over social media. How old was the man?

James, an old man, shot Robbins more than once, hurting him. The neighbor who lived behind Robbins’ house, Dellavecchia, has some problems with Scott.

He lived next door to Scott and was an angry old man with a short fuse. Scott gave him a lot of trouble.

James Dellavecchia

James Dellavecchia

Who was James Dellavecchia and why did he die?

When James Dellavecchia died in 2012, news of his death and his obituary were all over social networking sites.

People told their friends and followers about the death on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. He died at the hospital in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, when he was 81 years old.

Reports say that police officers found him unconscious in his prison cell at the State Correctional Institution, Benner Township in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. Some news outlets said that he killed himself because he felt guilty about killing.

James was the old man who shot Scott, her daughter Kristen, and herself seven times with a 40-caliber Ruger as Scott was getting into his car. James knew Scott since they were kids.

The judge gave Dellavecchia a prison sentence of 4 to 14 years for murder and trying to kill someone. After being locked up for a few years, he probably killed himself.

The wife and children of James Dellavecchia

Before he died, James Dellavecchia might have lived with his family and wife.

If his wife knew that he shot Scott and her daughter, she might have been very upset. There is no information about the event on social media, which is a shame.

The old man with a bad temper might have lived alone in a house that had been left empty. He might be mean because he doesn’t have anyone to talk to. As the story says, Scott’s work bothered him while he was building the shed.

Even though he told the police about what happened, they couldn’t do anything because Scott had all the right permits. James might have been crazy when he tried to kill his neighbor.

His family might have put together the funeral. After he died, his family and friends were in a lot of pain.

James Dellavecchia is afraid that his neighbor Scott Robbins will be killed

After Scott Robbins shot James Dellavecchia several times, he was afraid of him.

When the police got to the scene, Scott was still alive, so they took him to the hospital right away. He said that James had been the one who shot him.

Their neighbors said that James and Scott had problems after James’ brothers stole his son’s bike. Things got worse when Dellavecchia didn’t like how loud Scott’s shed was. After he shot Scott and Scott’s daughter, a witness saw James go down to the basement.

When the police got there, they saw James’ bloody clothes in the basement, along with the gun that fired the shot in a briefcase. He tried to destroy all the evidence, but the police showed up and stopped him.

At his trial in September 2012, he was charged with murder, attempted murder, and serious assault. He said in court that he shot the man out of self-defense. But the court found him guilty and put him in prison for life without the chance to get out.

James made it clear that he didn’t try to kill Scott and that he didn’t remember anything about what happened.

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