Is Matthew McConaughey Balding? Actor Provides Details On His Hair Transformation

Matthew McConaughey has addressed his rumors surrounding hair transplants. Find out what he has to say. Scroll below to learn more. 

Matthew McConaughey is an American actor who first gained popularity for his performance in the coming-of-age comedy, Dazed and Confused. 

After his few supporting roles, he cracked his first lead role in the legal drama, A Time To Kill. Over the years, he has amassed a huge fan base and gained popularity across the borders too. 

McConaughey has always been open about his 1990s hair loss. Meanwhile, people have been talking about his hair’s regrowth. 

As it has been a topic to discuss on the Internet and has many rumors surrounding it, he has finally addressed the matter. 

Is Matthew McConaughey Balding?

In the late 1990s, Matthew McConaughey started losing so much hair that it became extremely noticeable. In the book Greenlights by Matthew, the actor revealed he actually started shaving his head at one point. 

During one of his interviews, he mentioned how he grew back his hair is still a mystery to people out there. Matthew finally put a light on the matter saying, he rubbed a “topical ointment” into his scalp. 

As he was growing back his hair, became a topic for debate amongst people. People were theorizing their own explanations on the Internet. 

Nevertheless, he has grown back his hair and also revealed the explanation of how he did it. 

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Matthew McConaughey Hair Transplant Controversy After Hair Loss

There was a huge controversy surrounding Matthew McConaughey with his hair loss and rumors of hair transplant. The actor revealed that a doctor was mentioning him every year at an international hair transplant convention

 It was until another doctor actually talked to the actor and requested to check his hair. He later found out Matthew hasn’t had the procedure for his hair. 

Matthew also stated that he still uses the ointment as he doesn’t want his hair to recede. 

Matthew McConaughey Transformation Over The Years

Fans have witnessed the transformation of Matthew McConaughey over the years. He had to shave his hair in the 90s after losing hair too much. 

 He had a whole journey of getting his hair back which he has talked about in his book. With many rumors and controversies, Matthew has always been candid about the huge transformation in his look. 

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