Is Kat Stewart Leaving Five Bedrooms? Fans Wonder About Liz As Show Returns For A New Season

The Australian actress Kat Stewart is said to be quitting the sitcom Five Bedrooms.

Reputable actress Katherine Louise Stewart most recently portrayed Liz Wendell in the Australian drama series Five Bedrooms. She has played a variety of parts during her career in a large number of television shows, films, stage productions, and radio shows.

Kat was born and reared in Bairnsdale, Victoria, and she began acting in elementary school. She is well-known for playing Roberta Williams in the Underbelly true crime television series. Her performance in this part garnered her the first Australian Film Institute Award and a Silver Logie in the category of best actress.

Stewart also co-hosts the well-known podcast How Big is My Trailer, where they are open about the difficulties of making a living in the entertainment business.

Netizens are speculating as to whether Kat Stewart would appear in the upcoming season of the television show Five Bedrooms, which has been renewed for a fourth season.

Kat Stewart

Kat Stewart

Is Kat Stewart Leaving Five Bedrooms?

Stewart, an actor, hasn’t made any announcements about quitting Five Bedrooms.

Liz is moving out of the house and to a different city, as shown in the fifth and final episode of Five Bedrooms 3. Because of this, fans are unsure if Liz will return in the upcoming seasons.

However, neither the actress nor Paramount TV have made any public statements. Additionally, when the news of the upcoming season broke, a photo of Kat with the other cast members was included in the post.

One of the five leading females in the acclaimed drama Five Bedrooms, Kat, must continue on the show because of the plot.

Five Bedrooms New Season Details

The new season of Five Bedrooms has been ordered, and production will begin later this year, according to Paramount+.

There will soon be a brand-new season of Five Bedrooms.

A fourth season of the original Five Bedrooms on Paramount+ has been ordered.

The fourth season is rumored to be released in 2023 after the third season’s popularity. The show will return with shocking turns and a contentious romantic entanglement that will astound audiences.

The five single characters in the show—Liz, Ben, Heather, Ainsley, and Harry—happen to sit at the same table at a wedding.

After getting intoxicated, they realize that buying a house was their shared issue, and they ultimately purchase a five-bedroom house jointly. Their connection develops over time, and the drama takes fresh turns at each stage of their lives.

Will Kat Stewart Return Back To Her Role As Liz?

As there is currently no information on new cast members joining the show, Kat will continue to play Liz.

The celebrity and actor David Whiteley were married and had two children together. They got hitched in 2008 after meeting in 2002 at Red Stitch Actors Theatre.

For her work in both theater and on the big screen, Stewart has received numerous nominations and accolades. At the moment, she is connected to the Melbourne Theatre Company.

The television show Five Bedrooms has a 7.7-star rating, and Kat feels some kind of connection to Liz.

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