Is Capitol Rioter Stephen Ayers Married With A Wife? Family & Religion, Is He Republican?

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Stephen Ayres, who was one of the people who rioted at the Capitol on January 6, has agreed to speak at the hearing on that date.

The rioter is likely to talk about what started the riot and what role Trump’s tweet played in that.

Let’s find out more about the rioter’s personal life, how he or she was involved in the riot, and what you think the testimony will be about based on what you already know.

Is Stephen Ayres, a member of Capitol Rioters, married? Family and Faith

Capital Rioter Stephen Ayres is thought to be married, but since he is getting a lot of attention from the media, he has decided to keep his personal information, like whether or not he is married, secret.

Stephen’s family turned him in when they used screenshots of his Facebook posts to prove that he was involved in planning the riot on January 6 and that he was there.

The 39-year-old man who started the riot at the Capitol pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. He is thought to be a witness at the trial that took place on Tuesday.

One of his family members told him that the young man was leading the protest and trying to get other people to join in. They did this by quoting Trump’s tweet that suggested he join the Capitol riot.

Is The Capitol Rioter a conservative?

Steven Ayres is thought to be a Republican and a strong supporter of Donald Trump. He was also one of the extremists who took to the streets of the Capitol to protest the election results.

One of the rioter’s family members is said to have shown proof that he admitted to his actions. After getting arrested for his actions at the Capitol riot, Ayres has been quiet about his opinions and has stopped posting on social media.

He is said to have written on his Facebook post before the meeting,

“Mainstream media, social media, the Democrat party, FISA courts, Chief Justice John Roberts, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, etc., have all committed TREASON against a sitting U.S. president.”

So, it’s clear that the young man backed Trump and believed everything the former president said.

Stephen Ayres Speaks at Hearings on January 6

Stephen Ayres, who was one of the people who took part in the riot on January 6 to try to change the results of the election, will be a witness at the hearing on January 6 and will testify live on TV.

The witness should explain what happened that led to the protest, including what Donald Trump had to do with it.

In the hearing, witnesses will talk about how a tweet from Donald Trump caused a mob to gather at the Capitol and attack the Vice President and other Capitol officials.

Stephen was arrested in Ohio when he said in his statement that he had only been at the Capitol riot for 10 minutes.

It seems that the Trump supporter knew that the riot was happening and even warned that a crowd would form and a civil war could happen if Trump wasn’t given the power he deserved.

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