Is Actress Ada Ameh Dead? Her Instagram Post Leads To Speculations About Her Passing

Ada Ameh has been reported to be dead today morning. Despite the news around the actress still being alive, the confirmation came after the South African media announced it. 

People are still confused and have many things to say on Twitter and other social media platforms. A Twitteratti named BLACK CAESAR writes, “The Johnson’s Nollywood Star, Ada Ameh, I don’t want to believe the story is true.” Further, there is another fan who asks if anyone can confirm the ongoing buzz around. 

However, news media Page 36’s tweets suggest that the rumors are all true. They have written, “Breaking News Reaching Page 36 On Monday Morning, Confirms That The Johnson’s Nollywood Star, Ada Ameh, Is Dead. She Was Reportedly Brought In To NNPC Hospital, In Warri, Delta State, And Pronounced Dead. On June 15, 2022, She Shared A Post On Her IG Page Suggesting She Was Dying” 

For now, neither her family members nor any other International media have confirmed the news. People are still hoping that this might be just another celebrity death hoax. 

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Ada Ameh Health Update & Hospital Visit Detail

Not even a day ago, Adah had made an Instagram post that wished everyone for the new week. She was showing the world how much she was enjoying her life and was hoping that everyone else would do that too. 

The particular post’s comment section is filled with condolence messages hoping that the news they’ve been hearing is untrue. 

Ameh spoke about her struggles with mental illness recently. The 48-year-old actress disclosed that she was granted a job but was unable to complete it because of her mental health issues.

Born in Benue State, Ada announced this on her page on Instagram on Wednesday.

She claims that the business didn’t comprehend what she was going through and consequently filed a lawsuit against her. Further, she asserted that the business was suing her for a stunning sum of money that she was unable to pay.

The actress, whose career began 27 years ago, acknowledged that the litigation had its burdens but refused to let them drag her down or end her life. She lost her daughter last August, and she stated that she was nearly taking her life.

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