Is Aaron Judge Related To Aaron Gordon? Recent Halloween Incident Leads Fans To Assumption

The story that Aaron Judge and Aaron Gordon might be related started to circulate in 2018, when the Halloween incident happened.

On Halloween, the younger Aaron basically dressed up in full Yankees gear with Judge’s name and jersey number 99 hidden behind his back.

Make your own decision. Both of them look the same, wear Pentripes, and are freakishly good at sports.

Fans of MLB and NBA were shocked or maybe even confused by this picture. If the two bi-racial athletes were related or twins, or if they were the same person.

Well, if we look closely at the pictures of both Aarons, we can see that they have some clear similarities in how they look, how their faces are built, and how athletic they are.

 Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge

How do Aaron Judge and Aaron Gordon know each other?

Even though they look and play a lot alike, the forward for Orlando and the outfielder for the Yankees are not related. But a doppelganger version of Yankees’ Aaron Judge.

Aaron Judge is an outfielder for the New York Yankees in Major League Baseball (MLB). He is an American professional baseball player.

Gordon, on the other hand, is a forward for the National Basketball Association’s Orlando Magic (NBA). Gordon got a lot of attention when he led Team USA to the gold medal at the FIBA Americas Under-16 Championship. He did the same thing at the Under-19 Championship.

Aaron and Aaron are both the best at their sports. They went to different high schools, played different sports, and were born and raised 90 miles away from each other.

Judge went to high school in Linden, California, where he grew up. Gordon, on the other hand, was born in San Jose, California, on September 16, 1995, and went to Archbishop Mitty High School.

Did you know that Aaron Judge was adopted? Meet his Generous Parents

Yankees’ All-Star Aaron Judge was taken in by a family right after he was born. Wayne Allen Judge and Patty Judge, both teachers from California, raised him with a lot of kindness. Wayne and Patty are good friends with Aaron, even though they are not related by blood.

Aaron’s mother went to Fresno University and got her degree. She worked as a physical education teacher, just like her husband, and was later put in charge of student activities at Stockton Unified School.

His parents have both retired now. Aaron’s parents taught him to be a person who doesn’t give up and works hard.

Judge’s biological sibling and parents

The Major League Baseball outfielder found out he was adopted when he was in elementary school. Most of his friends thought it was because he didn’t look like his parents. Then Patty and Wayne decided it was time to tell the truth.

As far as his birth parents go, the outfielder might never find out who they are and won’t get back together with them.

But he does have a brother or sister. John J. Judge, his younger brother, was born on December 27, 1985. John goes to Korea to teach English, just like his parents did. Junior Judge is proud of what his brother does.

They are very close like brothers, and nothing will ever stop them from being like two peas in a pod.

In June 2019, Aaron Judge, a star for the Yankees, got engaged to his longtime girlfriend Samantha Bracksieck. The wedding took place in Hawaii in December of last year.

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