Instagram Photo Reply Not Working, How To Fix Instagram Photo Reply Not Working Issue?

Instagram Photo Reply Not Working, How To Fix Instagram Photo Reply Not Working Issue?

What Is Instagram Photo Reply?

Instagram allows you to respond to messages with an appropriate image or video and graphic features that are often designated for Instagram Stories. This allows you to express your specific response to the message that was delivered to you.

When a friend texts you something hilarious, instead of texting “LOL,” record a video of yourself laughing to capture your genuine emotion. You can even send an appropriate image from your gallery.

Instagram Photo Reply Not Working 2022

Because of glitches in the Instagram app or a bad internet connection, the Instagram Photo Reply is not functioning. In addition, there’s a potential that you recently upgraded the Instagram app, and the most recent version has a fault or a malfunction.

How To Fix Instagram Photo Reply Not Working?

Check Instagram Servers

Instagram itself may be one of the main causes of ineffective Instagram messages. The Instagram feed won’t load if the Instagram servers are having a bad day, and you won’t be able to send any direct messages to other users.

Enable Mobile Data for Instagram

To enable theĀ Mobile Data for your Instagram, follow these steps:

  1. On an iPhone, launch the Settings app.

  2. To access Instagram, scroll down.

  3. Turn on mobile data using the Instagram menu.

Force Stop Instagram

To Force Stop Instagram, follow the given steps:

  1. From the Android home screen or App Drawer, locate Instagram. Tap the Instagram icon repeatedly.

  2. Select Force stop from the App Info menu.

  3. Try sending a direct message again by reopening the Instagram app.

Clear Instagram Cache

You must use the App details menu to clear the cache. To clear cache follow these steps,

  1. To access the app info menu, long-press the Instagram app icon.

  2. Clear cache from the menu that appears after selecting the Storage and cache menu.

Use Instagram Web

To view the most recent feed on a large screen, Instagram also provides Instagram online. Direct messages can be sent by users through the Instagram website as well.

You can use direct messages on Instagram’s website if the mobile apps are still giving you trouble.

Uninstall And Reinstall Instagram App

Reinstalling the Instagram app will solve the problem with the Instagram Photo Reply. The Instagram app can occasionally be uninstalled and then reinstalled to remedy problems.

Therefore, uninstall the program from your phone first, then reinstall it, and check to see if Instagram is operating properly.

Update Instagram App

Your Instagram app might not function properly if it has an outdated version.

Additionally, updating the Instagram app to the most recent version will address all previously reported bugs.

If you prefer, you may set your program to automatically update, which will keep it constantly up to date and bug-free.


Instagram is a video and photo-sharing social networking service based in the United States. Instagram was initially founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger. It was first published on iOS in October 2010 and then on Android in April 2012. In April 2012, Facebook Inc. purchased the service for around $1 billion in cash and equity. Users can utilize filters to edit their postings, categorize them using hashtags and geographical labeling, and share and post them.

Instagram Features

  • Users have the option of sharing their posts either publicly or only with pre-approved followers.

  • People can add content to their own personal feed by liking photos and following other users.

  • At first, it permitted 640 pixels of content to be framed in a square (1:1) aspect ratio. However, it was extended to 1080 pixels later in 2015.

  • Additionally, functionality like texting and posting multiple images and videos was added.

  • It enables users to post stories that will automatically expire after 24 hours.

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