In a mysterious Twitter tweet, SEVENTEEN’s agency keeps CARATs in the dark.

In a mysterious Twitter tweet, SEVENTEEN’s agency keeps CARATs in the dark.

K-pop group SEVENTEEN

K-pop group SEVENTEEN

To confuse fans, SEVENTEEN’s management company, PLEDIS Entertainment, brought back one of their old marketing strategies.

On July 18, the 13-member act will return with their repackaged album, SECTOR 17. The agency published a portion of the music video with no music or captions to keep the hype alive.

Soon after, the clip started making the rounds among CARAT fans. Fans initially thought it was a “intern’s” work since they thought it might have been posted by accident. Fans with experience in digital marketing revealed that it was a dark message on Twitter after a few others said they had done something similar.

Brands must identify their target audience for dark content. It’s interesting to note that these posts function very much like standard tweets, allowing users to like, retweet, share, and comment on them. They do not, however, show up on the brand’s timeline. Only the target audience that the brand shared the post with can view it.

2022 has been a fantastic year for third-generation K-pop group SEVENTEEN and its following, CARATs. The group’s debut English song, Darl+ing, marked the beginning of a new era as all 13 members renewed their contracts with PLEDIS Entertainment. The group will be releasing more music soon, just two months after making a comeback with the full-length album Face the Sun.

Face the Sun, the group’s repackaged album, is called SECTOR 17. In contrast to the ideas in Face the Sun, concept teasers have been made public. The repackage uses softer, brighter, and more vibrant tones whereas the full-length album conjures up strength and a ferocious atmosphere.

On July 15, many CARATs were browsing Twitter when they came across what appeared to be a snippet from the music video for the song “WORLD.” Fans believed that the crew had made a mistake because the video had no sound.

However, a few CARATs later instructed others that it appeared to be a dark post and that the agency had employed this marketing strategy during the HOME;RUN era. It is logical to infer that the firm wants to maintain the momentum and enthusiasm surrounding SEVENTEEN’s new album since there are fewer than two days till its release.

The BE THE SUN concert by SEVENTEEN is a powerhouse of amazing stages with no dull moments.

The title track WORLD, (Circles), CHEERS, and the Korean rendition of their second Japanese single, Fallin’ Flower, are the four brand-new songs that SECTOR 17 will release. The pre-release of CHEERS by the Leaders unit, comprised of S.Coups, Hoshi, and Woozi, took place on July 7. It immediately became popular due to the engrossing dancing and flute melody.

In addition, SEVENTEEN will carry on their BE THE SUN globe tour in North America in August after wrapping up their two-day run of performances in Seoul. Between August and September, they will perform at 12 venues around North America before departing for Asia in October.

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