Hundreds of yellow-headed blackbirds fall from the sky during migration

A video on the internet has been swirling showing a large flock of yellow-headed blackbirds falling off from the sky and staying lifeless on the ground. Though such a phenomenon isn’t new it often raises questions as to why so many birds died in the video going viral on the internet.

Read ahead to know more about the flocks of birds seen dead in the viral video.

A large flock of yellow-headed blackbirds found dead in Northern Mexico

It was reportedly the incident in Northern Mexico when a strange phenomenon got captured in the CCTV footage of a residential area. The footage had about 100 yellow-headed blackbirds falling down on the ground all lifeless.

However, the footage also showed some of the blackbirds alive and flying on the same spot. Residents of Chihuahua, Mexico then called the investigators to look into the whole matter while they too seemed surprised with the incident.

Reason for the dead yellow-headed blackbirds

The dead birds captured in the area 230 miles away from south of El Paso, Texas happened on 7th Feb this year. However, while the cops were informed immediately after the incident happened, it still remains to be a mystery as to why the birds died.

Veterinarians, ecologists, and other experts have cited different reasons for the dead blackbirds spotted in Northern Mexico. While some said pollution to be the reason for the dead birds, some said they might have been electrocuted by high voltage power lines and proved fatal for them.

The captured dead yellow-headed blackbirds were migratory birds

It’s a common thing for the migratory birds to fly from one place to another with the change in season. As such the captured dead yellow-headed blackbirds too were migratory birds who had flown from the region of Canada after spending their winters. However, only after a proper investigation and examination of the dead birds can be found out what caused them to die.

Social media too shared the incident of the dead blackbirds and some of them claimed that certainly pollution and 5G technology has proved harmful for the birds. Nonetheless, such a rare phenomenon has happened before as well yet the one that happened in Mexico is literally shocking while no specific cause of it has come out.

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