How To Fix Valorant Error 19? Resolving Val 19 Issues

Valorant Error 19 might be difficult to resolve. However, we already know how to fix it.

Riot Games’ popular tactical gunplay is called Valorant. Despite how entertaining it could be, Val frequently makes mistakes that can irritate the players. While some mistakes are serious, others can be corrected with a single easy step.

One such problem is the Valorant 19 mistake, which, despite being a small issue, has irritated players due to the fact that it might recur even after being resolved.

Valorant Error 19

Valorant Error 19

Learn How To Fix Valorant Error 19? Resolving Val 19 Issues

A frequent problem in the game is known as Valorant Error 19 or Val 19. You will see an error message when you have the Val 19 error “The platform connection was unsuccessful. Restart your game client if necessary “.

After the update in December 2021, the error code became visible. It’s quite aggravating because the game will either force you to queue up or immediately display you the problem.

However, the error is actually a minor network problem rather than a game flaw.

By just beginning the game over, you can resolve the Valorant Error 19. However, you must discover alternative solutions if it doesn’t fix the problem.

Valorant Error 19 Origin – Diving Into the Root

Error 19 is a relatively minor issue in comparison to other errors that occur as a result of general server and game faults. The cause of Valorous Error 19 is a connectivity issue with the game. This happens when there is a Riot Client issue with the game.

There are numerous causes of the problems with the Riot Client.

The incorrect launch of Riot Client is one of the frequent reasons of Valorant Error 19. Restarting the game typically solves this problem, and Valorant itself recommends this approach.

This isn’t always the case, though. Riot clients occasionally act badly as a result of recent game upgrades. In actuality, server, vanguard, and other gaming codes might also be damaged by game updates.

What to do if the Game Restart Doesn’t fix the Problem?

Restarting the game should usually solve the issue, however for some players it might not. However, there are various approaches you can take to get the game to work.

First, make sure your internet connection is really powerful. Online speed tests are also available at sites like If your internet connection is sluggish, try restarting your router to restore it.

Restarting the entire Riot Client is your second option. You must do this by launching your Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc is helpful). Afterward, select the Riot Client from the processes tab. Choose the end task option after finding the Riot Client. You can then restart the Riot Client and the game after this.

If this doesn’t work, though, you should look for any outstanding updates. Install the Riot Client again if there are no updates.

The search bar on your computer can be used to look for the Riot Client. Following a search, the riot client will show up on the right side with several options, including Open, Run, Pin, and, finally, uninstall. Select “Uninstall” from the menu.

Reopening the Valorant game will allow you to install the Riot Client once more. As a last resort, get in touch with the riot support staff if this doesn’t resolve the problem.

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