How many siblings does Kyle Richards have? RHOBH star called filming with her sisters “very difficult”

Kyle Richards, a star of RHOBH, has two sisters: Kathy Hilton and her elder sister Kim Richards (older half-sister). Larry Avanzino and Kathleen “Big Kathy” Richards gave birth to Kathy. Her mother married Ken Richards after divorcing her father, becoming a mother to Kyle and Kim.

When host Larry Emdur questioned Kyle about what it was like to film with her family on Tuesday during her appearance on Channel Seven’s The Morning Show in Australia, Kyle talked about her relationship with her sisters.

Kim, one of the original cast members of RHOBH’s sister Kyle, quit the program after five seasons. In Season 12 of RHOBH, Kathy came on board as a new friend and part-time cast member.

The turbulent relationship between RHOBH actress Kyle Richards and her sisters has frequently been highlighted on the popular Bravo series over the years.

Kyle finds it difficult to shoot with her sister Kathy and Kim amid tension

Kyle finds it difficult to shoot with her sister Kathy and Kim amid tension

A closer look at the bond between RHOBH star Kyle Richards and her sisters

Most of Kyle Richards’ life has been documented on camera, providing viewers a glimpse into her career and personal life as well as her relationship with her sisters, Kim and Kathy.

In Season 1, viewers saw them quarrel as well as other problems, including Kyle calling Kim a “alcoholic” and claiming that their mother passed away “stressing” over Kim. According to People, the mother of the three died from breast cancer in 2002.

The new season’s teaser alludes to rekindled hostilities between Kyle and Kathy as the former says she feels as though her sister despises her.

After finishing RHOBH in May, Kyle opened up about her relationship with her sisters on Watch What Happens Live, claiming that their bond has improved and that they are “speaking again,” particularly in the wake of the passing of Kyle’s “best friend, Lorene,” who was also close with her sisters and who they had “knew since Lorene was seven.”

When Kyle made the decision to create the television series American Woman, which is based on the life of their late mother Kathleen Richards, she incited a dispute with Kim and Kathy. Even though her sisters weren’t on board, Kyle persisted in starting the show anyhow, which was published in 2018 and ended after one season.

In one of the episodes from the previous year, Kyle discussed how the sisters’ mother’s passing further strained their relationship and altered their dynamic. In a confessional, she stated:

What to expect from the sisters in this season of RHOBH?

By the time Season 11 of the show was in production, the sisters’ friendship had been restored, but Kyle and Kathy’s relationship will deteriorate this season. In a trailer, Kyle may be shown acting furious when Lisa Rinna informs Kathy:

What’s the fight about, exactly? Watch Bravo on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET to learn more about RHOBH.

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