How Did Munawar Faruqui Mother Die? Cause Of Death, What Happened To Her? Suicide Reason, Age Family Pics & More!

A piece of news is coming up about the popular reality show lockup which has been coming into the headline since it started the first season is having blast on the internet as well on data elevation because Kangana Ranaut is hosting the show and people got very excited after watching the show because the show has been t receiving the events attention of the people and every episode get more intense day by day. Currently, a guy named Munawar is getting the attention of everyone when he opened up about her mother’s death and her situation in front of Kangana Ranaut. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Munawar Faruqui Mother Death Reason

Munawar Faruqui Mother Death Reason

Munna Bhai told about his mother’s condition where we saw that Kangana Ranaut also got emotional after hearing his mother’s story and he told her what exactly happened to her mother. If you watch the last episode of locker you know that it was a very emotional episode for everyone will Munawar told that his mother died by suicide it was a very tough task for him to talk about his mother. As per the reports Hindustan Times says that Munawar requested Kangana So that he can share the story of his mother in front of everyone and wake up everyone

What Happened To Munawar Faruqui Mother?

Then he told that he always remembered today when his mother consumed an acid in the year January 2007 his family doesn’t reveal anything about her mother situation but deep down everyone knows about the fact that his mother consumed acid. In that last episode, he told that his grandmother came to him and also told him that her mother help is not well then they do the hospital when her mother was screaming in crying in pain then she got shifted to the Civil Hospital And his grandmother was also by his time and told that his mother has taken acid she also mentions that not to tell anything

Munawar Faruqui Mother – Age Husband Name & Wikipedia

About her death because if he did so he will be in trouble along with his family. However, Munawar finally decided that he is going to tell his mother sister who was the nurse at the hospital so that they can start giving her the right treatment Manohar also said that he still remembers everything and every moment when the doctor asked him to leave his mother hand and then he just realise that his mother has died he was very much attached to his mother. The doctor told him that his mother has not eaten anything for the last 8 days this particular episode was very emotional for everyone.

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