How Did Joseph Derbisz Die? What Was His Cause Of Death?

Joseph Derbisz- a student of Birmingham University, was found dead on March 28, 2022!

Joseph Derbisz, a student of Birmingham University who was missing for so many days, is found dead by police. He was last seen in Selly Oak along with his friends. He and his friend used to go to Selly Oak to enjoy the time. But, no one was aware that it would be Joseph’s last visit to Selly Oak.

He had been missing for so many days. His friends tried to locate him, but he wasn’t found. On Monday, March 28, 2022, he was found by police. Many reports state that he was seen at the Fan ‘n’ Fresh club of the University of Birmingham on Sunday morning. However, on Monday, the University confirmed that a body was found dead by West Midlands Police.

It is saddening to believe that a young University student is no more. The body was found by the security guards only 250m apart from the University Guild of Students. The police did an investigation and identified him as Joseph Derbisz.

Fire crews were called to the spot to recover his body. However, the University of Birmingham shared grief by writing a post on Facebook,” We have been informed that West Midlands police, who have been searching for our third-year student, Joseph Derbisz, have sadly found the body of a man off Edgbaston Park Road in Edgbaston today.”

Later, the University continued,” We are absolutely devastated to learn about the death of Joe. Our thoughts are with Joe’s family and friends at this very difficult time. We are doing everything we can to support Joe’s friends and family as well as the wider student and staff community”.

His parents are in utter shock, and they can’t believe that their son is no more with them! He was a third year student of Mechanical Engineering. He was just 21 years old.

Joseph was a member of the University’s sports team. He used to live in Rugby, Warwickshire, along with his family and friends. He will always be remembered by his loved ones.

We share our condolences with his family, friends, and loved ones!

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