How Did Dr. Chinelo Die? What Was Her Cause Of Death?

Dr. Chinelo Megafu passed away after an attack by bandits on the Abuja-Kaduna train. The users on the Internet are sharing their grief. She died late Monday as she couldn’t sustain herself due to her injuries.

We are still trying to reveal her information related to her family, annual income, and net worth. We shall keep our readers updated with the latest news!

She was a member and patron of Parcel Medico. She had a nice and sophisticated lifestyle. However, she was employed at St. Gerald Hospital in Kaduna. She was a medical Dental Surgeon by profession.

She was shot on the train by gunmen as she was traveling out of Nigeria. People trolled her on the Internet for saying she was shot among the people that were caught on the train.

Let us dive deep into what happened. The gunmen were asked to have blown up the railway track after they launched an attack on the travelers. Several passengers were severely injured during the attack, but at the time of filing the report, there was no official causality.

Right after the attack, Chinelo posted on her Twitter account that she was shot, and she called for her Twitter handle that she was shot in the train while calling for prayers from her followers.

There were different reactions on her Twitter. Few of the users showed her empathy, while few considered it fake news. Many of them commented that she could not have posted on Twitter with a gunshot wound.

However, on Tuesday, The Nigerian Twitter space was full of posts saying that Dr. Chinelo was no more and she couldn’t sustain herself. She lost her precious life. A lot of followers are devastated by her death news.

One of Chinelo’s co-workers told the news reporters that the doctor couldn’t survive.

We share our condolences with her family, friends, and loved ones!

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