Has Sergei Shoigu Died? Russian Minister Missing Case Update

Following his absence from the national media, everyone is curious about the whereabouts and fate of Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu. Take a look at the article to learn more about his whereabouts.

Sergei Kuzhugetovich Shoigu, a Russian politician and army commander, has been Russia’s Defense Minister since 2012. Previously, he served as the country’s Minister of Defense. He has served as the head of the Council of Defense Ministers of the Commonwealth of Independent States for the past two years.

He was the minister in charge of emergency situations from 1991 to 2012. He was the governor of Moscow Oblast for a short time in 2012. Shoigu is a close confidant and ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and a member of the siloviki, Putin’s inner circle.

Shoigu is said to be a Buddhist or a Shaman who practices either Buddhism or Shamanism, according to some reports. Shoigu, on the other hand, claimed in 2008 that he was baptized when he was five years old in the Russian Orthodox Church.

Shoigu is noted for being able to talk fluently in eight languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, Tuvan, and Turkish, in addition to Russian, according to The Siberian Times.

Sergei Shoigu

Sergei Shoigu

Update On The Missing Russian Minister And His Current Location

In March, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu vanished from public view for a period of 12 days. Shoigu, a close friend and adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin, was, however, nowhere to be discovered in Ukraine when his troops were fighting and dying.

Shoigu was later seen in an official video issued by the Defense Ministry leading a meeting on military acquisition. A group of around a dozen senior defense officials gathered around him at the head of the table, including Valery Gerasimov, the chairman of the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

Despite the fact that Russia’s military assault in Ukraine is still ongoing, his disappearance from public view has stoked speculation. His brief appearance on television did little to quell the suspicions, which are still going around.

Has Sergei Shoigu Died? Was He Poisoned To Death Or Fired?

According to reputable sources, no information on Sergei Shoigu’s death has been revealed, including whether he was poisoned or shot. According to a Ukrainian government advisor, he suffered a heart attack after being criticized by his ally, President Vladimir Putin, of the invasion’s failure to achieve its goals.

A Ukrainian interior ministry official, Anton Gerashchenko, said on Facebook that Shoigu had suffered a medical crisis as a result of a disagreement with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Shoigu has not been seen in public since March 11.

On March 24th, the Kremlin was accused of faking a video showing Shoigu participating in a video conference call with Putin.

According to footage broadcast by the state-run RIA news agency, a photo of Shoigu appeared weirdly in the top left-hand corner of a video split screen set up in front of Putin as the Russian President addressed his Security Conference.

Even if every other official’s image is clear from the start of the call, his screen is blank for a few seconds before an image of Shoigu shows, and his image shakes for a few seconds before he sees Shoigu’s image.

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