Has Sana Hololive Done A Face Reveal – What Happened To The Web Star?

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English virtual YouTuber Sana Hololive has never shown her face until today.

The business hololive is linked to the English YouTuber Tsukumo Sana. She made her official debut in 2021 as a member of the Council, the second group of Hololive English members. She was on that crew with Ceres Fauna, Ouro Kronii, Nanashi Mumei, and Hakos Baelz.

No matter what she does, Sana always has a smile on her face and an upbeat, almost childlike attitude. She often talks about space and her interests in astrology and astronomy, which are both related to space.

Has Sana Hololive shown the world who she really is? Her Gender Revealed

Sana hasn’t shown the public her face yet, but Sana’s friend Kronii just did. She is a woman, but she hasn’t shown her fans what she looks like yet.

Hololive version 2 English VTubers, which are also called the holy council, were first shown to the public about a half year ago. One of them was named Sana Tsukumo. She was made more than 13 billion years ago, but she has only just landed on Earth to help people.

At the time of her presentation, Hakos Baelz, a figure with crazy creative skills and a heart the size of the universe, said that Sana was the peak.

This is especially clear in the way she interacts with the other people in her hololive, like her gemmates and other hololive members, whom she always greets with a lot of kindness and excitement. She fawns over the other Hololive Council members whenever she gets the chance, because she cares about them.

How Old Is Tsukumo Sana?

The Cover Corporation held tryouts for the second group of English members from February 12 to March 26, 2021. This statement was made because of how popular hololive English was in 2020 and 2021.

Tsukumo is a YouTuber from Japan who has been on the site for a long time. She looks like she should be in her 20s.

The YouTube channels of the five new members, including Tsukomo Sana’s, were all made public on July 26 of the same year.

Before her debut on August 17, 2021, about 24 hours after the announcement, Tsukumo Sana had 100,000 YouTube subscribers. After a short time, though, YouTube got rid of about half of these subscribers.

How did Sana Hololive get hurt?

Tsukumo Sana from the Hololive English Council will get her VTuber diploma on July 31, 2022. Reports say that Cover Corporation and Sana have talked about “her plans for the future.”

Because Sana had problems, Cover Corporation chose to let her graduate. They had both kept the fact that she had graduated a secret. She did say that it was hard, though, and she thanked those who helped her.

Hololive has used both English and Japanese in his tweets. As of July 31, she will no longer be a part of the Hololive English Council. Aside from that, though, Sana is doing just fine.

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