General Roman Gavrilov, Who Is Russian National Guard? Resigned Over Controversy

FSB: General Roman Gavrilov, commander-in-chief of the Russian National Guard is rumored to have resigned from his position. Continue reading to learn more about this case.

Russia is said to have fired one of its top generals today as its invasion of Ukraine continues to face fierce opposition.

Roman Gavrilov, a former FSB general, is suspected of being fired for leaking military information that resulted in the deaths of people.

FSB: Who Is General Roman Gavrilov?Russian National Guard Wikipedia

General Roman Gavrilov is the deputy commander of the Federal Service of the Russian Federation’s National Guard. He is not yet listed on Wikipedia however, he is mentioned as one of the National Guard of Russia on its page.

He is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Federation’s National Guard.

Gavrilov was promoted to deputy chief of the National Guard in June after serving for ten years in the country’s Federal Guard Service. 

According to the Dailymail, he was arrested on suspicion of ‘leaking information’ and squandering much-needed fuel. According to sources cited by Bellingcat, the investigative journalism website, he was apprehended by the FSB state security service yesterday.

However, the true reason for his alleged dismissal remains unknown, and a Russian official has since denied that he was fired. Two sources said he was put in handcuffs for ‘wasteful frittering of fuel’. 

While others said he was fired over alleged leaking the military intel that ‘led to the loss of life.’

The military unit was in charge of Russia’s initial attack against its eastern European neighbor. Putin had hoped that it would be over in a matter of days.

But, three weeks later, Ukraine continues to hold its ground, with Russia still refusing to take any major cities or strategic locations. 

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Where is Roman Gavrilov now?

Roman Gavrilov is rumored to be fired from his position of deputy head of the National Guard. However, Russian State Duma deputy Alexander Khinshtein, according to, denied that Gavrilov was arrested. 

Writing on Telegram: ‘Absolutely phony.’ ‘I just spoke with General Gavrilov’, he wrote. 

Moreover, the head of Ukraine’s security council, Oleksiy Danilov, said last week that ‘around eight’ Russian commanders had been fired. They were fired since the beginning of the conflict as Moscow scrambled to change strategy after its attempted shock and awe’ blitz failed.

His whereabouts are unknown, as is whether he has been fired or is able to reclaim his position.

Putin was clearly very angry,’ according to Philip Ingram, a security expert, and former senior British intelligence officer. He told The Times that Putin was blaming his intelligence agencies for the country’s failed attack on Ukraine. 

‘He holds them responsible for seeding him with advice that led to Ukraine’s poor decision-making,’ he said.

Meet Roman Gavrilov Wife And Family: Biography Details

45 years of Roman Gavrilo appears to be married to his wife and has started his own family. However, there is no report available on his biography.

The country keeps the information about the deputy head of the Russian National Guard confidential for security reasons.

As soon as more information about his children and spouse becomes available to the public, we will provide you with it.

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