Game Of The Sexes Web Series EORTV App All Episodes Streaming Now Online, Story Plot Cast Review, Trailer, Release Date!

Game of the success is the first original from EORTV and it has been received and directed by the award wedding director and producer Deepak Pandey. This particular series has been based on the same concept which tells about the make standard teams used to play cricket to create this movie the thoughts were to impact the society and which also touch is the hearts of the viewers. EORTV is the first inclusive ott platform and where this is the first time mixed and the Cricket League going to be attended by some of the most popular personalities and also over the cast of the first original web series name game of the semester. Ott platform is owned by every Indian and they love watching the content on this. Stay tuned to our website for more latest updates!!

Game Of The Sexes All Episodes Streaming Now Online

Game Of The Sexes All Episodes Streaming Now Online

Whereas the philosophy is to be inclusive and also to create a society that is eliminating the gender or stereotypes and for the LGBTQ orientation to change the mindset of people and the motive is to prevent discrimination. Prejudice against the people who challenge the community issue and the aim is to promote love and equality in the nation. In this web series, a game of Cricket is being held in a challenging format where there are at least 65 members who are casting this including Shahbaz Khan Sachin Verma Riya deposit many more it’s a time of revolution and we need to create gender discrimination in the world of cricket.

Game Of The Sexes: Release Date & Star Cast

So that it can accept all the committees in this society and highlight equality. The game of the semester set was post loved era when the whole country was locked down and people stop coming to the stadium and to the cricket boards so to make this game interesting we bring back the cricket board. In this web series is trying to expand the port where she faces discrimination then she starts making her own team to prove herself. This story shows the struggle she faces to complete and two full fill her dreams everyone is excited to watch this movie and hopes to their screens.

The title song for this web series was also appreciated and the release of this web series game of success has also mean showcased in The Anthem title song of EORTV. The mean more time of this web series is to bring the people together and to make them understand that equality is there and it should except all the community entry then as a part of our society however this series was shot in Shirdi Sai Public School, Moradabad.

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