Frances Schreuder: Who Was She? How Did She Die?

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Frances Schreuder: Who Was She? How Did She Die?

A manipulative daughter persuaded her son to kill her father in July 1978, according to Investigation Discovery’s “A Crime to Remember: Mother’s Little Helper” documentary. As a result of her excessive spending and need for money, Frances Schreuder eventually used her son Marc to have her father Franklin Bradshaw assassinated. Authorities took a while, but they eventually managed to prosecute Frances. So, here is what we know if you’re curious in what happened to her after the trial.

Frances Schreuder: Who Was She?

Franklin and Berenice Bradshaw’s fourth child, Frances Schreuder, was born in 1938. She attended Bryn Mawr in Pennsylvania after graduating from high school, but she soon ran into controversy for stealing from classmates and forging checks. After being expelled, Frances relocated to New York City, where she eventually fell in love with Vittorio Gentile, a pearl trader. After their divorce, their two boys, Lorenzo and Marco, who they had as a married couple in 1959, were given the names Larry and Marc.

Lavinia was Frances’ daughter from a previous union with Frederik Schreuder. She was divorced and unemployed at the time the incident occurred. According to the investigation, Franklin used to send Frances $3000 each month while she was residing in New York City. About time, they clashed over the money, and the amount of assistance dropped. Prior to Franklin’s death, he had urged Frances to think about finding employment and had even threatened to remove her from the will if she didn’t.

The monetary problem seems to be what finally broke Frances. She dispatched Larry and Marc to work with Franklin in the summer of 1977 and instructed them to add amphetamines to their grandfather’s food. Additionally, there were intentions to have him killed by torching his workplace or hiding a toaster in his bathroom. None of these strategies, however, were successful. Frances so requested that the lads steal from their grandfather. Franklin ceased sending Frances any money after finding out that.

At one time, Frances even paid a hitman to kill her father, but despite receiving payment from her, he never carried it out. Frances afterwards used the money she received from her mother to pay for Marc’s trips in the days preceding the murder. When Marc told Frances the night before the murder that he didn’t want to kill his grandfather, she became distraught. If you don’t do it, don’t come home again, she warned Marc.

In the past, Frances had persuaded Marc to carry out the plan by telling him, “Look, Marc, it’s not really killing. It is the proper action to take for us. In the end, he killed Franklin, and Frances got her portion of the estate. The socialite continued to live her dream life for a few more years until she was apprehended by the police in March 1982. According to the drama, Frances was detained as she prepared to jump from her window into a river.

Frances Schreuder’s Cause of Death

Marc’s testimony during Frances’ trial was essential to getting her found guilty. In 1983, Frances was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of first-degree murder. Before being released on parole in 1996, she had served 13 years in prison. Frances lost her mother, Berenice, in the same year. However, her will specified that Frances would be given a lifetime income from the other half of the inheritance. In the end, she passed away in a hospice in San Diego, California, on March 30, 2004. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease was what killed her. Frances was 65 years old at the time.

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