Filipino Actress; Dimples Romana And Her Husband Throw A Gender Reveal Party

Dimples Romana is a well-known Filipino actress, who is married to Boyet Ahmee, the couple recently throw a gender reveal party.

Which indicates that they are expecting their baby soon, at the gender reveal party it shows that Romana and Ahmee are going to welcome another boy into their family.

The gender reveal party of done on 27 March, where they also shared pictures on social media platforms announcing the news of welcoming a baby boy soon.

Angel Locsin attended the party and also treated the fans with some pictures of the event through her Instagram account. She shared some pictures from the party in which she can be seen dining with her husband Neil Arce and other celebrities Janus del Prado, Sue Ramirez, Jerald Napoles, and Kim Molina, meanwhile Romana stood behind them and was posing for pictures. She captioned her post by writing “It’s a boy-let! Congratulations [Boyet Ahmee & Dimples Romana],”

One of the pictures shows Ahmee holding a black balloon which later popped out blue confetti through her Instagram stories. Meanwhile, Roman and their two children stood beside her and awaiting the reveal.

She also gave a glimpse of Romana and Ahmee’s slow dance when “Ako’y Sa ‘Yo, Ika’y Akin Lamang” played in the background. Filipino actress Romana made the announcement of her pregnancy on 18 March when she revealed that she is pregnant with her third child with her husband showing her baby bump.

The couples are already the parents of two children but their birth details are not available yet on the internet. In recent pictures.

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