Félix and Bernabé: viral video on Reddit and Twitter

Félix and Bernabé viral video on Reddit and Twitter

Félix and Bernabé have gone to the top of the most searched subjects on the internet since their videos first surfaced. The clip has received a lot of attention because it has become famous on numerous platforms. Two men introduce themselves as Felix Gamez Garcia and Felix’s uncle Bernabe Gamez Castro at the beginning of the video. Felix was shown publicly admitting to importing drugs into the US. He asserted that it was his obligation to declare it as a Sinaloa-based cartel member.

The men were sitting comfortably outside the adobe room when two armed men allegedly startled them. The six-minute video showed Felix and Bernabe sitting with just their pants on and no shirt. The Sinaloa cartel, according to Bernabe, only gave them a pitiful 300 pesos per hour, which was not enough to pay for their daily expenditures. The armed men listened to the men’s arguments before beheading them. The shooters were seen setting the chainsaw directly on the target.


Félix and Bernabé Viral Video

The uncle and his nephew were reportedly horrifically decapitated by the gunman, and now a video of the tragedy is becoming viral online. Everyone appears to be discussing the matter only and expressing their dismay about it. In one of the recordings, the executioner can be seen using a knife to separate Felix’s head from his body. Felix died over time whereas Barnabas died suddenly. The two individuals were then brutally slaughtered, and the identical episode has since generated a lot of public interest.

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