Fans of RHOBH are clamoring for Sheree Zampino to join the group as a regular in the upcoming season.

Fans of RHOBH are clamoring for Sheree Zampino to join the group as a regular in the upcoming season.

Sheree Zampino

Sheree Zampino

On Wednesday night, RHOBH Season 12 premiered a brand-new episode on Bravo. Garcelle made the decision to present Sheree Zampino, one of her close friends, this season on the renowned reality TV show. Those who watched Sheree stand up for her buddy after the Garcelle-Erika conflict and make an impression in her brief appearances now wish she were a regular cast member for the upcoming season.

Sheree had already made an appearance in Season 4 of the show with her husband, thus this wasn’t her first time on the program. She has now made a comeback this season as a buddy. Sheree has established herself as a fan favorite on RHOBH this season, doing everything from confronting Erika about her actions and the profanities directed towards Garcelle’s son during her birthday party to kindly explaining things to Kyle Richards.

Additionally, when Garcelle confided in Sheree about Erika’s remarks about her sons in a previous episode, Sheree backed her friend and said she would take off her earrings and defend her if necessary. Sheree also commended the RHOBH celebrity for facing Erica head-on.

Sheree was there for Garcelle when she needed her the most, and according to fans, this demonstrated why she should be made a full-time cast member. Additionally, some fans suggested that Sheree should receive the diamond next season instead of newbie Diana Jenkins taking her place and the gem.

Even though RHOBH Season 12 is almost over, it is not yet known or confirmed whether Sheree will receive a diamond or join the show permanently in the upcoming season. But there is a lot of hope for it on social media.

In Season 13, viewers want RHOBH to give Sheree a diamond.

Sheree was a breath of fresh air on television, according to fans who posted on Twitter. Sheree has been proposed as Diana Jenkins’ replacement by several as well. Some fans believe Sheree is just what RHOBH needs.

Simply said, Sheree is a breath of fresh air. The manner in which she introduced herself to the group, her support of Garcelle, and the tactful method in which she put Kyle in her place. Chefs embrace. Give her a diamond right away.

Here is a brief summary of what transpired on RHOBH Season 12, Episode 10 this past week.

All the women in the episode—aside from Diana Jenkins—were present when Sutton’s housewarming party began. The women returned indoors to have a conversation after eating their alfresco lunch. They took Sutton’s phone during that time and facetimed one of her Bumble matches.

She admitted that she liked the guy even though they hadn’t yet gone on a date while Sutton tried to grab the phone away from them. She felt ashamed when she realized he was still on the call.

Erika Jayne’s alcohol consumption was monitored by Garcelle in the meantime. Erika said that she would only have one drink, but she later admitted that she had already had three. Concerned about Erika’s use of alcohol and prescription drugs, Garcelle made the decision to confront her.

Fans of RHOBH criticize Kyle Richards for meddling with Garcelle’s talk with Erika, saying “This isn’t your situation.”

Garcelle brought up Erika cursing at her adolescent son while questioning her. Erika expressed regret to Garcelle and accepted full responsibility for her actions. She continued by saying that because her medication was new, it made her feel spikey and tired.

Erika also admitted that she had cursed at her son as a result of being too drunk. She actually praised Garcelle, saying that she had raised her sons well. Erika gained favor with Garcelle as a result of this.

Every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo, RHOBH is broadcast.

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