Fans Are Astonished To Find That Ebanie Bridges Is Also A Maths Teacher- Know More About The SAS Australia 2022 Cast

Fans are astonished to learn Ebanie Bridges from SAS Australia 2022 is a math teacher and a professional boxer.

Ebanie Bridges is a qualified mathematics teacher at Airds High School and has a Master’s degree in Teaching.

Ebanie is also an Australian professional boxer who has held the ANBF Australasian female super-bantamweight title since 2020.

As an amateur, she won gold where she competed in the women’s bantamweight event at the 2016 and 2017 Australasian Golden Gloves.

Due to her coach Arnel Bomber Barotillo and her hair color, Bridges is nicknamed the Blonde Bomber.

SAS Australia 2022 Cast Ebanie Bridges Is A Maths Teacher And A Boxer

The SAS Australia 2022 cast, Ebanie Bridges is an excellent maths teacher who graduated at the top of her class in her Master’s course. She is a boxer as well who drops her opponent in a tough competition.

She worked as a placement at Mount Annan High School while studying to become a math teacher.

Ebanie also has achieved immense success at boxing and has held state championship titles at bantamweight and National Golden Gloves titles.

She also competed at the Australian Women Selection Tournament in Perth but was defeated.

Now she is trying her luck in SAS Australia 2022, a reality quasi-military training television program, to see if she still has got the will power to take on any challenge that comes her way.

The contestants will go through the toughest test of their lives and face a series of physical and psychological tests in the SAS selection process.

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Who Is Ebanie Bridges Partner?

Ebanie Bridges seems to be single for now and is not involved with a partner. She has kept her personal life intact with no peek or hint on her love life.

She may or maybe dating someone but has not disclosed who her boyfriend or girlfriend is.

As far as Bridges fans are concerned, she is not married. But she may be looking for someone who is willing to love her flaws as well as her beauty.

Ebanie Bridges Net Worth And Earnings

Ebanie Bridges estimated net worth is around $700 thousand to $1 million dollars according to Biography Daily. Her earnings are attributed to her career as a boxer and a teacher. 

Further, she also signed a promotional contract with Split T-management in Feb. 2020 where she earned a good amount of money.

For someone who has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Western Sydney University and a Master’s degree in Teaching, she is proficient to earn a good amount of income to suffice her daily needs.

Meet Ebanie Bridges On Instagram

Ebanie Bridges Instagram account is under the handle name @ebanie_bridges. She has a massive fan following of 382 thousand followers and 1,653 posts to date.

She posts a lot of photos of her professional life on her IG handle. 

Instagram once banned one of her photos and the star issued a statement to her haters.

She apparently posted a photo of her wearing only underwear and boxing gloves with her tongue waggling out.

She was also warned by Instagram not to breach the guidelines on adult sexual

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