Ezra Miller arrested in Hawaii on harassment and misconduct charges Explained

Ezra Miller, The Flash star fell in trouble after he got arrested in Hawaii on Sunday night at a Karaoke Bar. The incident has been reported to have happened when Miller lost his control over some of the people present at the Karaoke bar. Following the incident, the Hawaii police arrested the actor and were charged with misconduct & harassment charges. But what exactly happened at the Hawaii bar?

Read ahead to know more about Ezra Miller getting arrested in Hawaii on misconduct & harassment charges.

Ezra Miller got into fight with people at Hawaii bar

The incident is reported to have taken place last weekend on Sunday night when Ezra Miller was present at a Karaoke bar in Hawaii. As per the reports what provoked the actor to get into fight was when some of the people present in the bar started singing at Karaoke.

Miller is reported to have lost his temper and got into fight with people present at the bar. He is reported to have ripped a mic from a woman at the Karaoke bar who was singing at the bar. He even yelled at them and lunged at a man playing at the bar. The incident happened at a Hilo, Hawaii bar.

Ezra Miller

Miller was arrested on misconduct & harassment charges

Following the misconduct by Miller at the Hilo, Hawaii bar, the cops were informed and Miller was got arrested. He was arrested however on the charges of misconduct with the women he ripped the mic from and for harassment charges following his acts with the man playing at the bar.

Miller before getting into his odd behavior with the people in the bar was told to stay calm by the Bar owner. However, he still didn’t stop and happened to get arrested later by the authorities informed.

Miller was charged with bail of $500

After the two charges of misconduct & harassment against Miller. He was put on bail of $500. Following his arrest, however, Miller posted the bail and got released later. Not to forget, the concerned authorities took a shot of the actor to post alongside a statement on Twitter.

The actor is meanwhile known popularly for his role in the superhero movie The Flash. Also, his movie The Flash is to hit the big screen next year.

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