Erin Field Accident: Dead Or Alive, Woman Who Was Fatally Injured Of Chimney

Erin Field Accident, Dead Or Alive

After the North End apartment chimney collapsed on Erin Field while she was on a hammock tied to the chimney, the young girl was paralyzed.

She suffered several injuries after the sad accident. For months she could not speak or eat by herself and the lower half of her body was fully paralyzed.

As the tragic incident seem to be what changed her perception of life she decided to share her journey and advocate for disability rights. She was diagnosed with a condition called Quadriplegic.

She aspires to be a Disability Rights Lawyer even though she is in a wheelchair and cannot walk. She shared a video on her Instagram reciting a poem that she wrote about her journey so far on July 11 which marks the date of the fatal accident that changed her life.

Update On Erin Field Chimney Accident 

Erin Field underwent a tragic accident that shattered her life on July 11, 2017. During their summer break, she and her boyfriend named Jack Benziger went to visit her younger brother.

They decided to enjoy the view of the North End from the apartment’s roof. Erin’s brother had set up a hammock on the roof that was attached to the chimney according to report.

The whole chimney collapsed on her  immediately her her boyfriend sat beside her after she sat on the hammock. She does not even remember what happened after the collapse.

After the incident, Erin was immediately rushed to the Massachusetts General Hospital where she was declared paralyzed. However, she is still optimistic about her health and hopes to walk again someday.

Field filed a lawsuit charge against the Eagle Nest Outfitters company that sold the hammock and advertised unsafe use of the products a few months after the accident. They charged the company for falsely encouraging people to tie the hammocks which led to such devastating accidents according to report.

 Is Erin Field Paralyzed Now?

The fatal accident has left Erin with several injuries to her spinal cords, neck, chest, and legs. She had crushed ribs, broken cervical spine, C-5, and C-6 vertebrae quadriplegic which paralyzed her body below the waist and limited the functioning of her arms.

Because of tracheotomy, Erin could not speak, eat and drink. For more than two months, she was fed via a feeding tube. After numerous surgeries for her speedy recovery Field was moved to the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.

Although, she is still not fully recovered, her shoulders are dislocated and she still cannot get her legs to work properly.

Erin was 21 years old when the incident occurred but she is presently 25 years old.

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