Emily Ratajkowski Cheated On By Husband Sebastian Bear-McClard- Is She Getting Divorce?

Emily Ratajkowski is an American model and actress. She started acting when she was young and switched to modeling when she was just a teenager.

Most people know her from the racy and controversial music video for Blurred Lines, where she showed everything in the unrated version.

Emily says that the video and the international attention she got from being in it led to her getting more acting jobs, modeling jobs, and awards.

There has been a lot of talk online about her upcoming divorce and claims that her husband cheated on her.

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski

Her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, cheated on her with another woman

Bear-McClard is said to have cheated on Ratajkowski on page six. A picture of the model without her wedding ring also helped spread the rumors.

Also, social media star and comedian Claudia Oshry, also known as @girlwithnojob, added fuel to the fire when she said that the two had talked about breaking up because Bear thought McClard was cheating on him with Ratajkowski.

On Thursday’s episode of “The Morning Toast,” Oshry, who is 28 years old, said, “That’s kind of what’s going on with Emily Ratajkowski.”

“I tried to make it an Instagram Story today, but it hasn’t been written down yet, so I’m like, how do I know this? It’s like, she knows her husband has been unfaithful to her, and they’re getting a divorce. It’s already common knowledge.”

Is Emrata, who has been married for 4 years, getting a divorce?

Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear-McClard have been married for four years, but there are rumors that they are getting a divorce.

In a similar way, the model, who is 31 years old, was seen walking with the couple’s 1-year-old son Sylvester in New York City on Thursday without her wedding ring.

Bear-McClard, who is 41, was still wearing his ring Wednesday when he was out and about in New York City.

In February 2018, Ratajkowski and the “Uncut Gems” producer secretly got married in a courtroom in New York City. This was just two weeks after the news came out that he was in the picture.

Four months after their wedding, she wore her huge two-stone engagement ring out in public for the first time. On Valentine’s Day 2018, they were seen hugging for the first time.

Emily Ratajkowski and a movie producer have a son together who is one year old

In October 2020, the author of “My Body” said that she and Bear-first McClard were going to have a child. And in March 2021, Sylvester came into the world.

Emily is very proud of her son, and she has posted a lot of photos and videos of herself with him.

A Husky-German Shepherd mix named Colombo was given to the couple as a pet and went with them on their walks around the city.

The model is from a family of Irish and Polish Jews

Both of Emily’s parents work in the field of education. Kathleen Bagley is an English professor, and John David Ratajkowski is an artist and art teacher.

Emily’s parents were 39 and 45 years old when she was born. Before moving to a small house on the coast of San Diego, they spent most of Emily’s first five years in Europe.

Money Inc. says that Emily’s parents took her to the nudist beaches in Europe. Emily was more at ease with erotic painting and photography because her father was an artist.

Emily gets along well with both of her parents. She often posts pictures of them on Instagram and thanks them for helping her with her career.

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