Dublin City University Professor Dr. Vicky Conway Passed Away As Twitter Pays Tribute

Dr. Vicky Conway, a law and government professor at DCU, died at a very young age, and people are talking about it on Twitter. She was a very smart, hardworking, and kind person who will be sorely missed.

Vicky’s last tweet on Twitter was on July 16. She lives in Dublin, which is in Ireland. She wished her countrymen, including trans and Intersex people, pride. With more than 34,000 tweets, the professor had about 9,000 Twitter followers.

Dr. Vicky Conway

Dr. Vicky Conway

How did Dr. Vicky Conway get hurt? Law and Government at DCU

Twitter says that Dr. Vicky Conway died because of something that was not expected. Before putting out the final news, the media waits for official confirmation. But so far, neither her family nor her close friends have come forward to say that she has died.

Dr. Vicky Conway was an associate professor of law at Dublin City University (DCU) and the host of the podcast Policed in Ireland. She used to be on the Policing Authority and the Commission on the Future of Policing.

Before joining the School of Law and Governance at DCU in July 2015, she worked at the University of Kent, Queen’s University Belfast, the University of Limerick, and the University of Leeds.
Vicky has degrees from Queen’s University Belfast, the University of Edinburgh (MSSc Criminology, 2003), and UCC (Ph.D. 2008, PGCert Higher Education 2010).

She was the School’s first Convener of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion. In 2017, she was made an Associate Professor of Law. Vicky was a dedicated socio-legal scholar who thought that academic work should be cutting-edge, difficult, and meant to directly affect how laws and policies change.

As people on Twitter pay tribute to Vicky Conway, we find out why she died

After the shocking news of her untimely death, there are a lot of tributes on Twitter and other social media sites. But every news story about her death has just said that she died and how much she meant to them, but not why she died.

There was no news about any illness she might have had in the past that might have led to her death today. The unexpected event that led to this has really hurt her friends and family, and the Internet is a good example.

Says Gareth Mulvena, “Last night, when Tony texted me this terrible news, I was crushed. In recent years, I hadn’t spent as much time with Vicky as I used to, but we used to be good friends and once took a fun trip to Vancouver together. Family and friends of Vicky are in my thoughts.”

In a tweet, Teresa Malarky says, “When I heard that Vicky Conway had died, I was sad and shocked. During the #Repealthe8th campaign, I met her several times. She did great work and is a nice person. She will be missed so much.”

Other tweets are also the same, like how each person thought she was a nice person.

The death notice hasn’t been posted online yet, and the funeral date should be announced soon. We hope that her family will find the strength to get through this sad loss.

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