Dre Aka Andrea McCray Drama Exposed On TikTok, Marvin ‘Von’ McCray Full Story Explained

Dre, otherwise known as Andrea McCray, is a cosmetics craftsman and online entertainment character.

She grabbed the public’s eye and was named as a devoted spouse who took to extraordinary lengths to help her debilitated husband, which is purportedly observed to be a veneer. Furthermore, there is considerably more involved.

Arizona: Dre Aka Andrea McCray Drama Explained On TikTok Dre McCray has played specialist to her family and deals with her darling spouse, who has medical problems.

Furthermore, she even earned a ton of consideration via virtual entertainment for being a decent spouse and guardian of her significant other and being a sole supplier for her loved ones. However, who realized that this story would follow on another way, and there was one more stowing away and the basic purpose for it.

Also, or at least, in spite of her significant other having seven seizures, Mrs. McMcCray didn’t take her better half to the emergency clinic and let her better half be quietly treated in their home by her. As per the reports, she didn’t permit Von McCray to look for clinical assistance from a genuine specialist and chose for her significant other’s wellbeing without anyone else.

Subsequent to watching the TikTok video, a few watchers remarked that Andrea took her significant other off his seizure prescription.

Marvon ‘Von’ McCray Full Story As shared by Marcon, otherwise known as Von McCray’s significant other Andrea, he began encountering seizures because of which he must be disabled.

What’s unusual is that however Andrea shared that Von had eight seizures in a single evening, she didn’t call 911 or any clinical experts. All things being equal, she went via online entertainment and live-streamed her better half’s seizures and behaved like she was the genuine concerned specialist.

However, the patient’s mom Latisha Bias, told the public that Von has no clinical history of seizures and that Andrea guaranteed that she was treating his seizures from home with spices.

At a certain point, this likewise happened when Andrea went getting things done, keeping her youngsters at home close by. She got a call from one of her youngsters with the kid telling her that Von’s seizure had showed up once more.

Be that as it may, what she did was, rather than surging home, she addressed the kid on one telephone and taught them on the most proficient method to treat Von, and then again, she started her live streams from the other telephone.

As per New break, Von’s mother shared the police report with the confidential Facebook bunch Exposing Dre McCray. There, it composed that Von had slipped into the unconsciousness from a self destruction endeavor and not from seizures. The police report likewise remembered that Von endeavored to balance himself for his shed, and Andrea cut him down and called 911.

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Also, as composed by the answering official in his report, no swelling or scraped spots were available, and one rope was found at the scene. Von’s vulnerable mother, who was kept in obscurity and ignorant about her child’s condition, asserted that she learned about Von’s condition on account of virtual entertainment and not from her girl in-regulation Andrea.

Von McCray Medical Condition Coma-Where Is He Now? About Von McCray’s ailment, he is still in a state of unconsciousness. It is observed that he was moved to an office in Tucson, AZ. What’s more, allegedly, Andrea didn’t let Von’s folks and other relatives visit him.

Mrs. McCray even took to her web-based entertainment on May 23 and let her supporters know that Von had been in a trance like state throughout the previous fourteen days.

Right now, the medical clinic has restricted all guests and has supposedly prohibited Andrea from the medical clinic. As shared by Aunt Karen by means of her TikTok handle, Andrea is supposedly prohibited from seeing or visiting her better half Von in clinic, and the ward he is in is now secured due to protestors.

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