Dr Giovanni Quintella Bezerra: Is He Arrested? YouTube Video

Sexual Assault Allegations Against Dr. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra: Is He Arrested? YouTube Video

Following the discovery of Dr. Giovanni Quintella’s horrific video online, people on Twitter are outraged. If found guilty, he might be charged with sexual assault and given an 8–10 year sentence in prison.

A pregnant woman who was having a cesarean section was sexually abused by Dr. Giovanni Quintella, who was then detained earlier in July. He has drawn the ire of online users, who demand that justice be done.

Dr. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra is accused of sexual assault.

The accusation of sexual assault against Dr. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra is made. He discreetly taped the act in the Hospital do Mulher in So Joo de Meriti, Rio de Janeiro, after drugging the woman and placing his male parts in her mouth.

He was then held in custody on a rape suspicion. She had completed his anesthetic medical training just two months prior.

Employees at the hospital reportedly put in a concealed camera to watch over him because they were worried about the drug dosages he was allegedly giving his patients.

Additionally, according to accounts, he underwent two identical procedures the day before the incident was documented on tape. Police are currently looking into what happened to the other two women who experienced a similar situation.


Dr Giovanni Quintella Bezerra

Giovanni Quintella, M.D. Actual Twitter Video

On Twitter, people have begun sharing the actual video of Dr. Giovanni Quintella conducting the horrible murder. More patients accused him of the same crime when his actions were made public. At this moment, the police have received more than 50 complaints, and one of them was encouraged to tell her experience.

At the hospital, a 23-year-old woman gave birth to twins. The first kid was born normally, but because the second child’s life was in jeopardy, a cesarean section had to be performed.

During the first birth, she felt normal, but during the second, she felt tired. Sadly, the baby did not survive when she finally woke up several hours after the delivery. She was unable to see or hold her infant.

He was to blame, she said. However, some of her kin claimed that when she was taken out of the operating room, she had blotches on her face. He allegedly forbade the father of the child from attending the second surgery, although the mother at the time assumed it was routine.

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