Do Joe Sharp and Natasha Raskin Have A Baby Together? Antique Roadshow Host Reveals Quite A Lot During Her Last Trip


Natasha Raskin is a TV presenter from Scotland married to her husband Joe Sharp. She hosts many shows centred around historical artefacts, including Antiques Road Trip, where she revealed quite a lot during her last trip. 

Natasha Raskin is a Scottish television presenter best known for her appearances on television shows like Antiques Road Trip, Celebrity Antiques Road Trip, Flog It!, Bargain Hunt, For What It’s Worth, and Baggage Battles.

A specialist in antiques and art, especially in Scottish contemporary art, she is married to her husband Joe Sharp and the duo has a lovely family together.

Do Natasha Raskin And Joe Sharp Have A Baby Together?

Natasha Raskin and her husband Joe Sharp, who have been married for almost half a decade now, do not have a baby together yet. 

The TV host has revealed that the couple loves indulging in guilty pleasures, including traveling and eating new foods, so they have not thought of starting a family yet. 

Both of them have very hectic schedules, not just today but since the time they met. The Scottish presenter met her current partner during her time on Antiques Road Trip. There, he worked as a producer and director on the BBC series and so the pair started dating behind the scenes.

Apart from that, his other work credits include The Great Hotel Escape and The Big Painting Challenge.

Both of them prefer to remain out of the spotlight, so they have not revealed their baby plans anywhere. 

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Natasha Raskin And Joe Sharp Wedding Pictures

Natasha Raskin And Joe Sharp got married back in 2016, but they have not revealed their wedding pictures publicly yet. 

According to reports, the couple tied their knots in a very small and intimate ceremony with only family present. They chose not to get any media attention for the ceremony and hence no images of their ceremony were ever revealed. 

Married in a private venue in Scotland, which is her homeland, the couple currently still resides in Glasgow. Due to their nature of keeping personal details away from the public, they have not provided any information about their lives outside TV. 

Natasha Raskin And Joe Sharp Family And Pregnancy Updates

Natasha Raskin and Joe Sharp are only two people currently in their family, but the Antique Road Show host is recently rumoured to be pregnant.

While the couple is probably planning to increase their household, an interesting thing netizens have discovered is the background and heredity of the TV show anchor. 

Art appears to run in her family, as she is the daughter of Scottish artist Philip Raskin who is renowned for extraordinary landscape paintings all around Europe.

On multiple occasions, she has been credited being inspired by her father when it comes to the trade of art from her father. Likewise, she has expressed gratitude for the support of her mother Barbara Rashkin, which enabled her to pursue her passion. 

The Scottish-born presenter studied law initially at the University of Leeds, but quickly dropped out before heading to the University of Glasgow to study a degree in History of Art. 

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