DJ Kay Slay COVID: Hip Hop star, DJ Kay Slay dies following ‘private’ battle with COVID | Obituary News

DJ Kay Slay COVID: Hip Hop star, DJ Kay Slay dies following ‘private’ battle with COVID | Obituary News.

Keith Grayson popularly known as DJ Kay Slay was a legendary graffiti artist and Hip-Hop icon.

According to multiple reports, the hip hop star passed away following a 4-month courageous battle with COVID on Sunday, April 17, 2022. He was 55 years old.

“DJ Kay Slay had spent the last 4 months battling COVID-19. Unfortunately, the legend has passed away at the age of 55,” comedian and entertainer, Da Kid Gowie wrote in a post shared via Facebook. “Thank you, Kay Slay, for your role in the culture. You never settled for mediocrity. Rappers knew when The Drama King called, it was time to exercise that pen and bring the bars! Hip-Hop appreciates you!”


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Earlier in 2022, Wack 100 revealed that DJ Kay Slay had been hospitalized due to COVID-19 since late 2021.

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