Discover: Nana Patole leaked photos and videos viral on twitter, reddit

Nana Patole leaked photos and videos

On Thursday at the tenth official home of party boss Sonia Gandhi Janpas, State Assembly President Nana Patole, days after Ekhnath Sind’s administration won a certainty vote in Maharashtra A gathering was held with the top head of the party.

It was additionally the primary gathering among leaders and Mr Patole after the breakdown of Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA). With almost twelve Maharashtra MPs unfit to take part in the democratic cycle, the planning of the gathering has become significant. While some were missing, others were late to talk at the show and were not permitted to cast a ballot.

In spite of the fact that Congress upholds the Shiv-Sena group drove by Uddhav Thackeray, many accept that the focal point of Congress is partitioned on the issue.

The issue of renaming Aurangabad and Osmanabad is one of the issues where Congress and the Udaf Sackre-drove government are in conflict.

The Congress High Command noted cross-casting a ballot during the Legislative Council races in which the party’s most memorable political decision and Dalit pioneer Chandra Kanthandor lost, while Mumbai element’s Congress up-and-comer and Congress pioneer Bhai Jagtap figured out how to become MLC .

While two MLAs were supposed to be against one another, five legislative MLAs who ought to have decided in favor of the party’s best option were said to have decided in favor of the subsequent up-and-comer.

Talking about disciplinary activity, Mr Patol then tweeted: “Party views Chandrakanth Handore’s loss in MLC political decision in a serious way”.

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