Did Paloma Aguilar Big Brother Do Drugs? Left The Show Over Anxiety

Paloma Aguilar left Big Brother for anxiety and mental health problems rather than drug use.

24th season of Big Brother has already produced drama! Because the live streaming was interrupted on Wednesday and Thursday, viewers surmised that something was going on inside the house.

Paloma Aguilar, a competitor, was seen leaving the show on Thursday night’s broadcast. The note explaining Aguilar’s reason for leaving was given to the other residents of the house.

Additionally, it means that there won’t be an eviction this week. Taylor and Terrance, who were up for eviction, are still in the race to take home the 750,000 USD prize.

Paloma Aguilar

Paloma Aguilar

Did Paloma Aguilar Big Brother Do Drugs?

In an unexpected turn of events during the first week of Big Brother’s home, Paloma Aguilar voluntarily quit the show. The sudden exit of such a great candidate stunned the audience.

Following Paloma’s self-eviction, various explanations for why she did so have been proposed. Even worse, some said that the reality star might be struggling with addiction. These rumours are untrue, though.

Pamola Aguilar Left The Show Over Anxiety

According to reports, Aguilar departed the programme for personal reasons. She mentioned mental health issues—not drugs—as the reason for her choice.

In actuality, the Big Brother House has very severe drug policies. Inside the house, narcotics and drugs are not permitted (with the exception of authorised medication). Paloma’s link with narcotics is therefore completely false.

“I don’t know how I am alive, quite simply,” Aguilar said to herself as she entered the dairy area. Later, it was revealed by other contestants that she had stopped playing the age.

The housemates read Aguilar’s decision in a note that said, “Paloma will no longer be playing Big Brother due to personal issues. She wanted to tell you that she loves you and is thinking about you “.

Aguilar’s difficulty was highlighted by the repeated playing of her interview segments in which she discussed her nervousness. One such instance was her talk with Kyle Capener, during which she disclosed that she only slept for two to four hours every night.

Additionally, the reality star recently broke certain house rules. According to reports, she violated the rule by promising to share the winnings with the other contestants.

Beyond the Show – Is Paloma Aguilar Married?

Paloma Aguilar, who was born in 1999, is currently 22 years old. She was this year’s Big Brother House competitor who was the youngest. Paloma Aguilar also acknowledges her birthday on November 13 each year.

Aguilar, an entrepreneur by trade and interior designer, earned her undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley. In 2021, she received her college diploma.

Paloma Aguilar, who is single and dedicated to her job, is not wed.

She works as a social media influencer and fashion model. Despite not having a Wikipedia entry, Paloma Aguilar has more than 19.3 thousand followers on Instagram.

Paloma hasn’t yet made an official announcement on her exit from Big Brother. Fans are optimistic, nevertheless, that she will eventually disclose all the beans!

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