Did Kirill Bichutsky Die Of Colonoscopy? Death Cause & Obituary

Is it possible that photographer Kirill Bichutsky died via Colonoscopy? His fans and followers have been stunned by speculations of his demise.

Bichutsky was a photographer, entrepreneur, and event planner who specialised in nightlife photography and events. His political parties have been so divisive that some of them have been outlawed in places across Canada and the United States.

Kirill began snapping photographs at nightclubs and gatherings after being introduced to them by a DJ. In 2015, he was featured in the Showtime series 3AM, and in 2018, he was featured in the Netflix documentary film The American Meme.

Kirill Bichutsky

Kirill Bichutsky

Is Kirill Bichutsky Dead As A Result Of Colonoscopy?

Kirill Bichutsky recently underwent colonoscopy surgery. On Instagram, he shared a photo from the hospital with the remark, “See you on the other side.” Several of his admirers and followers commented on the picture, saying things like “Rest In Peace” and “Get Well Soon.”

On social media, some of Bichutsky’s pals have offered obituaries and condolences. However, it is unknown whether the American photographer, who was born in Russia, has passed away. The report of his death has not to be confirmed by his family and management team.

Rahul Khopkar, one of his closest friends and business partners, shared a photo on his Instagram storey announcing Kirill’s death on March 25, 2022. He also stated that he needs to speak with his family before releasing any other information concerning his demise.

Bichutsky’s partner Estee Maria and his family have suffered an unimaginable loss, according to Khopkar, who added that everyone is taking their time to process the passing.

How much money does Kirill Bichutsky have?

As one of the most well-known and successful nightlife photographers, Kirill Bichutsky’s net worth could be in the millions. His work frequently features scantily clad women at gatherings, which critics believe perpetuate misogyny.

Kirill Was Here and The Slut Whisperer are some of his other aliases. He was born in Moscow, Russian Soviet Socialist Republic, Soviet Union, and immigrated to the United States when he was two years old. He was born in Roxbury, New Jersey, and now lives in New York.

He aspired to be a Disney animator as a child. He graduated from Roxbury High School and received a full ride to William Paterson University. Bichutsky, on the other hand, dropped out of college.

The cause of Kirill Bichutsky’s death has been discovered

Kirill Bichutsky’s death is thought to have been caused by a colonoscopy. His partner’s Instagram account is no longer active, so there is no way to keep up with the latest news concerning his demise.

Bichutsky’s Wikipedia page hasn’t been updated since his death. His merch account was likewise made private shortly after the rumours of his death began.

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