Dateline: Suzanne Morphew Missing Case- Was The Colorado Mom Ever Found?

Suzanne Morphew went missing on Mother’s Day 2020 just days after celebrating her 49th birthday. Was the Colorado mum ever found?

Morphew left her house near Salida on a mountain bike ride on May 10, 2020, but she never came back. She is now presumed dead as her body has never been found. Her husband of 26 years got charged with her murder.

Suzanne’s missing story is detailed in the new episode of Dateline. The episode Echoes in the Canyon airs this Friday on 9NEWS. It tells the story of what exactly happened to the Colorado mom who lived a perfect life as her husband stands trial for the murder.

Was Suzanne Morphew Ever Found?

Suzanne Morphew was never found after she went missing on Mother’s Day 2020. The local police found her bike from the side of a cliff off the road near their home. Her helmet got recovered a mile away from the highway. 

The police believed that it was completely staged as there were no traces of blood, struggle, fiber, and the scenes were too clean. Morphew’s hydration pack and sunglasses were in her car, which was parked inside her house. 

 The case included evidence of a secret spy pen, accusation in text messages of infidelity by both Morphew and her husband, chipmunk alibi, and tranquilizer dart, reports 9 News.

Suzanne was described as a charming lady with a bubbly personality. She lived an ideal life with her husband, Barry, and their two children, Mallory and Macy. She was a former teacher who left her job to raise her daughters. 

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Missing Colorado Mum Suzanne Morphew Update

The Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI put many efforts into the case, but Suzanne Morphew’s body was never found. However, the investigation into the case is continued. 

Morphew’s text to her husband, Barry, on May 6 read that she was done with their 25-year marriage. The couple had a scabrous marriage, as they were going through a rough patch. The investigators soon began to investigate the case as a kidnapping/homicide.

Where Is Barry Morphew Now?

Barry Morphew got arrested and summoned on the charges of first-degree murder after deliberation, attempting to influence the public, and tampering with evidence in May 2021. He pleaded not guilty to all the charges against him, reports

Morphew was released from holding in September 2021 after posting a $500,000 cash bond. He has to wear an ankle monitor and is confined to Chaffe County, Colorado. He is currently living in the San Juan Mountains, Salida. Barry’s trial is in April 2022. 


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