Crush Rabbit Sequel & Chinese Rabbit-Crushing Video Goes Viral On Reddit And Twitter

Crush Rabbit Sequel which shows the Chinese crushing rabbit’s video has gone viral in an instant.

If we talk about the length of the video, then its duration is about 4 minutes and 9 seconds. Let’s learn what actually happens in the video, which was made as a sort of entertainment, created such a great disturbance in the viewers’ minds.

Crush Rabbit Sequel & Chinese Rabbit Crushing Viral Video

Crush Rabbit’s sequel video first shows many rabbits and they are trapped in a metal cage and have been set on the corner side.

But, the video didn’t stop there since that was just the beginning of something really shocking and alarming. A Chinese girl, who appears to be young probably in her 20s, comes up. So, the girl opens the cage and grabs the rabbit, and then she started kissing and hugging the rabbit.

The next thing she does is, she looks at the camera, said hello, and then threw the rabbit suddenly away on the table, which was completely unexpected. After throwing the rabbit away, the Chinese girl again picks up the little rabbit back and then stroked it gently, and then later, to everyone’s surprise, she opens up her pockets. 

After stuffing the rabbit into her pocket, she walked backward singing or it’s kinda like muttering. After a while, the girl then took out a large glass plate and made a face before placing it on the bunny.

According to the Yem Foundation, the latter part shows that the innocent little rabbit’s body has been slightly become deformed. Likewise, its limbs were also squirming but, the bunny’s struggle did not manage to gain the girl’s sympathy. In fact, other people also sat on the plate until the bunny was crushed and his body stopped moving.

In the end of the video, we could see two more little rabbits’ bodies lying on the ground.

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Watch Crush Rabbit Sequel On Reddit & Twitter

Further details about the rabbit crush’s stories have been written on Reddit and Twitter.

As revealed by one Redditor, there is also a video of a woman crushing a rabbit using her high heels. Likewise, there are other instances too such as some placing a rabbit between two pieces of glass then proceeding to sit on top of it.

There is also a Reddit discussion about how Chinese women are paid to do such horrible acts.

That’s not the end to it, it is written that the rabbit corpses are mutilated in various ways such as burning, tearing, and crushing. The user also noted that this kind of barbaric and inhumane act is apparently a form of sexual gratification known as a “crush fetish”.

Crush Rabbit Sequel Video Condemned

Crush Rabbit video has been gaining strong condemnation from the viewers after the young Chinese women use and torture these rabbits for entertainment.

Following the surfacing of the video on the internet, many have raised their voices to protect animals against such abuse and stop these disgusting acts of animal cruelty. However, China does not have any laws that punish cruelty to animals and this is the reason why the Chinese people do whatever they feel like to the animals as this is not regarded as a crime in China.

As per some sources, after being identified by Chinese netizens, the alleged perpetrator who posted the video has since apologized.

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