Clermont, FL Car Accident: student killed, 5 others injured in car accident

Clermont, FL Car Accident:

The Clermont Police Department is currently investigating a two-vehicle crash on S Highway 27 and Legendary Boulevard on Tuesday that left one person dead and five seriously injured.

According to the Clermont Police Department, officers responded to the intersection of South 27th Freeway and Legend Avenue around 6 p.m. When police arrived, they found several people trapped in a BMW and a Chevy in a rollover accident.

Preliminary investigations revealed that a white BMW was heading north on South 27th Highway, crossed the southbound lane for no apparent reason, and landed on a red Chevy traveling in the southbound lane.

The BMW’s front-seat passenger was pronounced dead at the scene. Three were airlifted to Orlando Regional Medical Center and two were transported to local hospitals by Lake EMS.


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