Christina Powell Missing: Missing Texas Woman Seen Leaving San Antonio House In A Rush

Christina Powell Missing

Christina Powell Missing: Video from a doorbell camera shows missing San Antonio lady Christina Powell leaving her home in a hurry on the morning of July 5, and she hasn’t been seen since. Powell’s mom, Claudia Mobley, told Fox News that her girl said she was behind schedule for work, however she still however it was unusual that Powell left in such a rush.

Christina Powell Missing: The video shows Powell rapidly leaving wearing dark jeans and a dark long sleeve shirt toward the carport. She abandoned her telephone and her Apple Watch, her family said.

Christina Powell Missing: Powell purportedly called the workplace where she fills in as a paralegal letting them know she would be late, however, she never displayed to work. A collaborator appeared at her Apple Creek home hours after the fact. Powell’s 12-year-old child addressed the entryway and let the associate know that his mother was working.

Christina Powell Missing: We truly had no sort of inside and out discussion. It was fundamentally, ‘Great morning.’ She let me know she was late,” Mobley told Fox News. “Then, at that point, she was leaving for work and I advised her to watch out. Also, I most likely told her, ‘I love you.’”

Christina Powell Missing: Mobley detailed Powell missing to the San Antonio Police Department, who has been looking for her since her vanishing. The Kerrville Police Department presented Powell’s photograph on Facebook Wednesday evening, July 13, saying that she may be in the Kerrville region. Powell was driving a dark 2020 Nissan Rogue, which bears the tag PYJ 8564.

Christina Powell Missing: Mobley said she saw nothing else uncommon about her girl’s way of behaving, yet the missing individual’s flyer says she has clinical issues that require a specialist’s consideration.

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