Chrisland School Girl Dubai Video Tape Twitter Viral On Reddit, Instagram, and, Telegram

WATCH: Chrisland School Girl Dubai Video Tape Viral On Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and, Telegram: A piece of shocking news took the internet by storm and it is creating havoc on social media. According to the reports, a video is doing rounds on the internet which is of a minor girl’s rape. This matter is about Chrisland School and this incident has arrested people’s attention. Reportedly, this matter picked up speed on the internet when the victim’s mother came fore to reveal what her daughter experienced on a school trip. Now people are demanding an extensive investigation into this matter and raising their voices for justice. Now we have come up with this article after doing a deep study on the matter and gathering multiple reports released by the police department. Look at the below-placed section to read what the police chief said. Follow More Update On

Chrisland School Girl Video

Chrisland School Girl Dubai Video

On Monday the police command in Lagos stated that the department had taken over the matter and initiated an investigation into the alleged viral rape clip. SP Benjamin Hundey who is the spokesperson for the command said, “CP Abiodun Alabi, the Commissioner of Police has ordered the investigation.” The alleged viral video is of a 10 years old girl who is a student of Chirsland School in Lagos. Reportedly, a few school fellows of the girl raped her during the school trip to Dubai. And now the video of the incident also has gone viral on the internet. Kindly look at the further section to get an explanation of the matter.

Chrisland School Girl Dubai Video Tape Viral Twitter

According to the victim’s mother, her daughter was raped by some culprits in the hotel room when her daughter approached a boy’s room to get her phone charger that she lend him to the culprit during the breakfast at the boy’s request. The victim was not aware of the boy’s intention when she lend him her phone charger. The boy tricked her to call her to his room. Furthermore, there was more than one boy in the room when the minor girl was raped after putting on an influential substance.

Chrisland Viral Video Tape Leaked on Reddit

The ongoing investigation will cover the alleged rape incident along with the threat to life. Moreover, the culprits also carried out pregnancy tests several times without the victim’s parental consent. Furthermore, the Lagos police department will also take some serious actions against Chrisland School for suppressing and hiding the incident from the victim’s parents. In particular, police are also tracking the origin of the leaked rape video of 10 years old female student.

Internet users have been stunned after coming across the news of a 10-year-old girl’s rape on a school trip. This matter is about Chrisland School and the victim was of this school. According to the sources, the minor girl was raped during a school-organized class trip to Dubai. This matter came into the limelight when the victim’s mother asked for help from the Nigerians. Reports claimed that the victim was a Nigerian girl. Her mother came in front after coming across what happened to her daughter on a school trip. Kindly look at the next section to know what is the full story according to the victim’s mother. We have covered this story’s every important aspect so kindly read it till the last word and take a peek at every division.

Chrisland School Girl Video Twitter

The victim is said to be a 10 years old girl who used to go to Chrisland School. Moreover, it is also coming to hear that the video of a minor girl’s rape also has been leaked on the internet. The mother of the victim raised the volume of her voice to seek help from Nigerians. Regardless, Ubi Franklin posted the video of the victim’s mother in which she is explaining the circumstances of her daughter’s rape. She said some perpetrators recorded the incident and leaked the video of her daughter’s rape on social media.

Chrisland School Video Twitter

The victim’s mother also accused the Chrisland School of suppressing the matter. She revealed that the school tried to hide the incident from the people but eventually she got to know about the incident from another parent. She said, “a parent of a student called me and said she wanted to see me as soon as possible, when I reached her house she told me Chrisland was trending and I was not aware of it. That woman shared the video with me. ”

She also claimed that the school also threatened her daughter to kill if she spoke about it to anyone. She said her daughter died in silence. Her daughter was also got suspended from school. the ten years old girl explained the incident to her mother, she said one boy named Kachi asked her to give him her phone charger. Later that boy called her to get the charger from his room. When she reached his room she was asked to get the charger from the restroom and when she stepped into the restroom she was kidnapped and put on a substance by some culprits.

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