Cardozo High School Teacher Colin Mcnally Arrested For Abuse On Student, What Did He Do Exactly?

Colin Mcnally is a Cardozo High School teacher who has been arrested for slamming a kid against the wall. Find more about his crime.

Colin Mcnally was arrested on Wednesday, February 16, 2022, after a video of his assaulting a 14 years old kid surfaced online.

Colin went rough with a young kid after he played basketball in the gym.

Colin took away his basketball and was headed towards the¬†Dean’s office¬†when the kid pursued him and tried to ask and take away the ball.

Infuriated with his rash action, the coach then grabbed the young kid and slammed him into the wall.

He went on grabbing and holding his head until other students tried to break his hold.

Since that action. Colin was arrested and also released followed by an investigation.

Who Is Cardozo High School Teacher Colin Mcnally?

Cardozo High School teacher Colin Mcnally is a 58 years old personal training and physical exercise instructor, and coach who was arrested for his assault on a 14 years old kid.

At Cardozo High School of Queens, Colin grabbed the young kid with his clothes and slammed him hard against the nearby wall, causing a mass stir in the school facility and among other students.

The event precipitated via a Basketball match ending when the student, the victim of the assault just finished practicing Baskteall in the gym.

Colin didn’t like this much and he snatched away the boy’s Basketball and tried to took it to the Dean’s office.

Scared, the boy tried to pursue him to give that ball to him, and in the video, it is seen that he briefly tried to snatch the ball back from his teacher, which seemed a little harsh for his coach.

The Varsity Boys Tennis coach then assaulted the kid for not agreeing with him and left him in brief concussion from that wall slamming.

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Colin Mcnally Arrested For Abuse On Student

Colin Mcnally, a tennis coach and physical exercise trainer at Cardozo High School has been arrested on Wednesday, February 16, 2022.

Colin attacked the kid at around 11:15 am. that day and he was immediately removed and contained in a separate classroom, away from other kids.

What Are Colin Mcnally’s Indicted Charges?

Colin Mcnally was arrested and later charged with assault on a minor charge.

He was indicted for nearly causing harmful damages to a naive soul at school premises.

He was detained in the police department for a while and later released following further investigations.


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