Caleb King Assault Case: Arrest And Charges Explained

Caleb King Assault Case

Luke and Ben are known as the ones who have accused TikToker Caleb King (@alaskan boii) of predatory conduct in the past. Luke tweeted his story, along with text message receipts, to demonstrate the discussion from several years ago.

Ben also tweeted about his encounter. Although King just apologized to TikTok, and announced his withdrawal from all social media platforms for the “foreseeable future,” his TikTok admirers are still stunned and upset.

What Happened to the Caleb King Assault Case on TikTok?

Caleb King was in a major controversy when his sexual harassment and predatory behavior came to light on the web. On June 30, Luke (@lilicebox_) openly shared his past encounter with King stating that the TikTok creator had sexted him.

He claimed that Caleb drunk texted him when he was 13 and asked if he was a virgin, top or bottom, and asked if he wanted to hang out or if he had hit puberty yet.

In response to that, Ben (@akbendav1s) responded to Luke on July 7, Tweeting with a thankful gesture for sharing his situation and that he supported him in the accusation of Caleb’s predatory behavior.

In continuation, when Luke was 14 years old, Caleb King got “drunk” and wanted him to sit on his face. coupled with constant flirting and ‘yum’ texts and more.

Ben went on to say that targeting young and growing boys was immoral and dishonest and that Caleb had over 1 million followers on social media. Ben cautioned Caleb’s followers and admirers, stating, “Please be aware of who you choose to support.”

Was Caleb Detained For Sexting A Minor?

Caleb King, a popular TikTok star, has deactivated his Twitter and Instagram accounts after a couple of allegations of minor sexual texts.

He apologized after sexually inappropriate texts he reportedly sent to a 13-year-old when he was 16 were discovered. According to rumors, the TikTok founder has not yet been jailed.

King, who has over 700,000 followers on the app under the name @alaskan.boii, has also spoken out about being sexually molested as a youngster.

Caleb went on to explain in a video that he was planning a serious debate with a strong trigger warning about sexual assault-related topics.

Following that, he disclosed to his followers that he was sexually assaulted twice between the ages of 10 and 13.

He continued by claiming that he was raped between the ages of 16 and 17. As a result, he gradually acquired an undesirable sexual condition that took years of treatment to correct.

TikTok Star Apologizes For Sexual Text Message To Minor

On TikTok, King released a written apology. The TikTok creator started by stating that these events had taken place way back five years ago when he had not quite understood things.

And now that he is grown, matured, and changed as an individual, he is ready to admit that he had sexually texted when he was 16.

King also tried to clarify that he never met with any minors he had sexted with, never had any sexual contact, and never really chatted after this series of messages.

King stated that he is a “big believer in responsibility” and has experienced “having someone older than you take advantage of you.”

“I apologize and respect and support your decision to speak up.” The unverified account, which had written remarks from King about the issue, has subsequently been suspended.

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