BROOKLYN SUBWAY Mass Shooting Video Viral On Social Media, Full CCTV Footage , Suspect Name!

As per the reason reports there was an awful morning where Brooklyn someway became a war zone living more than 20 people injured. A passengers train had to face the bullet Baldev was blindfolded and smoke is coming during the morning on Tuesday this man and motives are still unknown this happened then come you turn we are going to visa it was near 36 Street subway station which was situated in Brooklyn sunset Park and the time was around 8:30 a.m. in the morning. In this situation when computers were riding they were near 36 Street subway station which was their sunset park. Stay tuned to our website for more latest updates!!!

Brooklyn Subway Mass Shooting CCTV Footage

Brooklyn Subway Mass Shooting

They were before the time which was 8:30 a.m. how I was the Gunman opens his granite of smoke and they were having a 9 mm handgun he fire it for at least 33 times with strike 10 people out of it 7 months are there and three women. This incident is very dangerous and those can people who were enjoyed badly are in the hospital whereas there are more 13 people who got injured because of the smoke inhalation and some of the people fall down due to their panic attack however that train become Awards on for the people in New York City.

Brooklyn Subway Mass Shooting CCTV Footage

According to the hospital staff, they told that the shooting which was being held on that day had almost 29 people who got injured badly and therefore they are also taken to the nearby hospital to recover the injuries but they all are sold and no one was in danger as of now. And the authorities of Brooklyn founder you hold the truck and it was seen that it was being connected with a Subway shooting According to the investigators they were five more victims who got injured and they were students from New York School they were 12 years old 13 years old and 18 years old which are being hospitalized in the hospital.

Who Is the Suspect In Brooklyn Subway Mass Shooting

And they are going what Roma in the hospital area right now according to the investigation and found a man who was 62 years old and he did the shooting. Talking about the you all man which was found near the Subway according to the investigation Mr James same to be connected with this survey but thenvestigation is still going on this one was taken on Monday from a you also and a reservation was also made to pick up the car at Monday noon but however it is seen to know that is supposed to be rented for 2 days.

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