Bodycam video displays Boy: 4 shoots at cops after father is detained

Bodycam video displays Boy, 4, shoots at cops after father is detained at McDonald’s

Utah’s MIDVALE – A 4-year-old fired shots at police in a February incident at a McDonald’s in Utah, according to body camera footage released by the police. In a 12-minute video, Sadaat Johnson’s arrest and what transpired when one of his kids shot at police while they were in the drive-thru are all described.

On February 21, about 1:30 pm, McDonald’s staff members called the Unified Police Department to report a man who was armed and displaying it after getting the wrong order. Staff members urged Johnson to pull to the front of the restaurant after reporting the incident to the police.


4-year-old shot at officers at McDonald’s

Johnson was driving a car at the time with a 4-year-old and a 3-year-old. As captured on tape, he resisted the officers’ requests to get out of the car each time. Police then unlocked Johnson’s front door and took him out of the car.

While trying to apprehend Johnson, a cop turned around and saw a gun protruding out of the back window. He yelled “gun” before firing a shot.

The cop used his hand to brush the gun away as the gunshot struck the upper level of the McDonald’s building. The driver of the automobile was then yelled at by the officer to put down the pistol until the officer realised, following closer inspection, that it was a little child.

As police escorted the kids out of the car and away from the scene, they can be heard sobbing. Cops said that a preliminary investigation showed the 27-year-old gave his youngster the order to shoot at police. However, court documents acquired by FOX 13 state that the youngster fired at the police because “he wanted his daddy back.”

Johnson informed police that he “blacked out” for 30 seconds during their debate over his order, which led to his detention. Despite security footage allegedly showing Johnson displaying the gun in front of the employee, Johnson also denied doing so, according to court documents. Additionally, Johnson told the police that his 4-year-old child had previously had access to a gun.

Sheriff Rosie Rivera said in a statement after the incident in February, “To have an adult think it is right to urge a [4]-year-old to pull a gun and shoot at police indicates how out of hand the campaign against police has gotten.” “This needs to stop, and we need to work as a community to address the issues that are plaguing our neighborhoods. Officers are meant to serve and protect, thus it seems unfathomable that something like [this] could occurred.

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