Bella Hadid Regrets Getting Nose Job At The Age Of 14, What Is Face Tape, Meaning Explained!

Hello my dear friends, today we have come again with very good information for you. Bella Hadid is known for her fancy and glamorous runway shows, but off the runway, she’s open about her struggles with body image. In an interview with Glamour, the model talked about how she had a nose job to fix her wide nose. She said that she was insecure about her appearance and thought that a nose job would make her look more like models she looked up to. Hadid is not the only model to have had a nose job – many celebrities have them done, including Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Cara Delevingne. Did you know that celebrities like Bella Hadid have their noses jobs done as well? Stay tuned to our website for the latest updates!!!!!!

Bella Hadid Nose Job

Bella Hadid Nose Job

The 20-year-old model shared an image of herself on Instagram with the caption, “Had my nose job and lipo today!! Super happy with the end result!” What exactly happened during her surgery? Did she have a rhinoplasty? And what about her lipo? Let’s take a closer look! So you want to know what is face tape? Bella Hadid is proving to be quite the role model these days, showing younger girls that it’s okay not to fit into the cookie-cutter mold of beauty standards. With the help of a few photos and some social media musings, however, her secret was revealed: Bella Hadid had taken an old Instagram photo from a couple of years ago

What Is Face Tape?

And used Photoshop to reveal how she looked before she got a nose job. Now, when it comes to plastic surgery, believing our favorite celebrities aren’t getting work done is a pretty common phenomenon. But what about when they come clean about their cosmetic enhancements? When Bella Hadid let slip that she’s had work done on her nose, many fans were shocked — but also inspired by her honesty! What is face tape and why is Bella Hadid covering her nose with it? With a lot of celebrities seemingly being open about everything, there’s one thing they often won’t mention.

However, it appears that Hadid has recently admitted to having to use “face tape” to get rid of a bump on her nose as she told fans about it in an Instagram story. According to Daily Mail UK, Hadid revealed that she was taping her face so that people wouldn’t see any sort of bumps or marks from her previous surgery. Bella Hadid has revealed the secret to hiding her broken heart in a public declaration that she has been using facial bandages to mask her distress. The 20-year-old model has opened up about the intense pain she suffers from broken heart syndrome just weeks after splitting with singer The Weeknd.

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